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Tag Results for "Tucson Unified School District"

AZ Schools in Danger of Closing Due to Budget Cuts

The Tucson Unified School District, the largest in southern Arizona, is thinking about closing 14 schools because of budget cuts. The TUSD faces a deficit of $17 million, large continue reading »

Pact May Put End to Long-Standing Arizona School Discrimination Suit

Groups representing black and Latino plaintiffs have reached an agreement with the Tucson Unified School District that could bring closure to a 1974 lawsuit over racial segregation in southern Arizona's public schools, continue reading »

AZ Protest Disrupts School Board’s Ethnic Studies Vote to Remove Class From Core Curriculum

The fight to keep Tucson Unified School District’s Ethnic Studies/Mexican-American Studies (MAS) program moved to the University of Arizona’s College of Education, Tuesday, for an event titled “The Real Truth.” continue reading »