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Tag Results for "Tucson Shooting"

Intern Daniel Hernández Recieves Standing Ovation at AZ State House (VIDEO)

On January 10, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer gave a State of the State Address where, in addition to remembering those who died in January 8th's horrible attack, she honored the courage of Daniel Hernandez, the 20 year old Mexican-American intern of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords' who in the face of a deadly shooting kept himself collected and attended to Giffords--likely saving her life, while instructing others on how to attend other wounded people. continue reading »

Monday After Shootings in Tucson Gun Sales Increase by 60% in AZ and 5 % throughout U.S.

While there is talk of who should be allowed to buy a gun and possibly putting restrictions on gun ownership there was a huge surge in gun sales after the Tucson tragedy. continue reading »