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Tag Results for "Torrential Rains"

Flash Flood Strikes Vargas, Venezuela in 1999

Today in Latin American history, torrential rains caused flash floods in Vargas, Venezuela, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths, the destruction of thousands of homes, and the complete collapse of the state's infrastructure in 1999. continue reading »

1,900 Homes Damaged by Torrential Rains in Cuba

The torrential rains in western Cuba over the past week caused "severe losses" to agriculture and damaged more than 1,900 homes in Pinar del Rio province, the hardest hit by the storm, official media said Saturday. continue reading »

Heavy Rains in Central America Take Their Toll, 66 Deaths Reported Thus Far

A week of torrential rains throughout the Central American region have left at least 66 dead and displaced thousands of others, with Honduras suffering the most losses at 28. continue reading »