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Tag Results for "Todays News Latin America"

Parts of Panama Declared as Emergency Zones After Torrential Rains

Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli on Sunday declared three northern areas to be emergency zones after torrential rains caused at least two deaths, damaged the property of hundreds and flooded dozens of homes, authorities said. continue reading »

Formal Invitation Offered to Bolivia to Join Mercosur Trade Pact

Bolivia has been formally invited to join as a full member the largest trading bloc in Latin America, Mercosur. continue reading »

JUST IN:  5.4 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Central Chile

The U.S. Geological Survey is reporting an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.4 occurred near central Chile, near Valparaiso at 10:23 CST. The quake was reported to have rattled the O’Higgins, Maule and Santiago areas. continue reading »

Madonna Reserves Entire Rio Hotel While on Tour in Brazil

Singer Madonna, who will appear in Rio de Janeiro on her MDNA world tour, has reserved an entire hotel for herself and her team, the online edition of the daily O Globo said Tuesday. continue reading »

Argentine’s President Cristina Fernandez Monthly Salary Revealed to Be $13,600

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez is being paid a net salary of 40,000 pesos (about $8,500) this month, the Office of the President said Tuesday in response to a controversy over the head of state's pay. continue reading »

Mexico City District to Ban Celebratory Gunfire

Municipal authorities in the Mexico City district of Iztapalapa announced on the weekend that they will prohibit residents from engaging in celebratory gunfire into the air during street, religious or civil festivals after a child in a movie theater was killed by a spent bullet. continue reading »

Bloody Weekend in Sao Paulo - 10 Reported Dead So Far

At least two more people were shot to death in Greater Sao Paolo in the past 24 hours, bringing to 10 the number of murders committed here since Friday night, police said. continue reading »

Lonely Plant Names Dominican Republic ‘Best in Travel for 2013’

Lonely Planet, a leading travel publisher, has named Dominican Republic as one of its Top 10 Countries for 2013 in its annually published Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2013. continue reading »

Mexico’s Once-Fabled Resort Town of Acapulco is BROKE

The world famous Mexican Pacific resort city of Acapulco is broke and unable to deal with a debt load that is expected to hit 2.14 billion pesos ($162.1 million) by Dec. 31, a figure that is larger than the annual budget, municipal officials said. continue reading »

Honduran Cop Guns Down 5 of His Fellow Police Officers Inside Station

Five Honduran police were killed Monday when one of their colleagues opened fire inside a precinct house in the Caribbean port city of La Ceiba, authorities said. continue reading »

Kidnapped Colombian Escapes Captors and Walks to Safety with Bullet in His Head

A man who was kidnapped almost three months go in northern Colombia survived after being shot in the head while escaping from his captors, and managed to reach safety after walking for four days, authorities said. continue reading »

Hundreds of Thousands in Argentina Protest Against President Cristina Fernandez

Hundreds of thousands of Argentines took to the streets in different parts of the country to protest President Cristina Fernandez's policies, a mass demonstration organized on social-networking sites. continue reading »

4 Peruvian Journalists Die When Car Plunges into Tarma River

Four journalists on the way to cover a story in central Peru died Monday when the car they were traveling in plunged into the Tarma River. continue reading »

Mexico to Improve Country’s Neonatal Health Services with $350 Million Loan

Mexico will improve its maternal, neonatal and post-neonatal health services with a loan of up to $350 million from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). continue reading »

Alleged Killer of Human Rights Activist Nepomuceno Moreno Arrested

A man suspected of being a close associate of Sinaloa drug cartel boss Joaquin "El Chapo" (Shorty) Guzman and wanted in connection with the murder of human rights activist Nepomuceno Moreno was arrested by the army, the Mexican Defense Secretariat said. continue reading »

Salvador Allende’s Granddaughter Elected Mayor in Chile

A granddaughter of slain Chilean President Salvador Allende was elected mayor of the capital district of Ñuñoa, electoral authorities said Monday. continue reading »

Bolivia Bus Accident Leaves 8 Dead, 20 Injured

Eight people were killed and more than 20 others injured Monday when a bus smashed into a large outcropping of rock in southern Bolivia, police said. continue reading »

Tourists in Spain Spending More this Year

Foreign tourists visiting Spain between January and September spent 45.1 billion euros ($58.2 billion), some 7.2 percent more than in the same period of 2011, the Industry, Energy and Tourism Ministry said Monday. continue reading »

Mexico’s Catholic Church Labels Labor Union Leaders as “Immoral”

Unions are threatening to "kidnap the state if it does not align itself with their interests," with labor organizations being manipulated by "immoral leaders who have managed to entrench themselves," the Mexican Catholic Church said. continue reading »

Missing Mexican Journalist Body May Have Been Found in Costa Rica

Investigators are trying to determine whether a body found last week in a vacant lot in San Jose is that of a Mexican journalist who disappeared in June, the press reported. continue reading »