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Tag Results for "Todays Latin America News"

Argentina Police Rescue 20 Sex Slaves from Brothels Most are Dominican

Law enforcement agents staged a series of raids on 35 brothels in Argentina's Cordoba province, rescuing 11 Dominican and nine Paraguayan women, police spokesmen said. continue reading »

Dominican Schools Will Accept Undocumented Foreign Students

In Santo Domingo this week, the Ministry of Education along with the Department of Migration agreed to continue accepting foreign undocumented students for an indefinite period of time. continue reading »

U.S. Diplomat Travels to Brazil Ahead of Rio+20

Special Representative for Global Intergovernmental Affairs Reta Jo Lewis is traveling in Brazil, June 14-23. She is visiting the cities of Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro. continue reading »

Legendary Lost ‘White City’ May Have Been Found in Honduras

Experts believe that the ‘Lost’ ‘White City’ in Honduras may now have been found, discovery comes after flying over the Mosquitia region of Honduras shooting billions of laser pulses at the ground continue reading »

Crime Reporter and Her 2-year-old Son Missing in Coahuila, Mexico

A police reporter for the daily El Zocalo in Saltillo, the capital of the northern Mexican state of Coahuila, and her 2-year-old son have been missing since last week continue reading »

U.S. and Central America Working to Protect Labor Rights of Immigrants Working Here

The Labor Department on Monday signed cooperation agreements with Ecuador, Honduras, Peru and The Philippines to make known and protect the labor rights of immigrants from those countries who are working in the United States. continue reading »

Cuba to Boost Alternative Energy Production to Protect Its ‘Sovereignty’

Cuba is intending to increase its renewable energy production by 12 percent over the next eight years in a governmental push for "energy security and sovereignty," an article posted on the official Cubadebate Web site said. continue reading »

Mexico and Spain Feud Over Tourist Restrictions

The Mexican government will not impose restrictions on Spanish tourists in response to the measures Madrid has applied to Mexicans, Foreign Relations Secretary Patricia Espinosa said. continue reading »

Mexican State Radiologist Charged with Rape for Multiple Marriage to Girls Under 15-years-old

Mexican authorities in the state of Quintana Roo have arrested the state’s radiologist, David Nestor Quijano Muñoz, on charges of rape and child pornography, thanks in great part to his three marriage to girls less than 15-years old. continue reading »

Evita Peron May Get her Own Currency in Argentina

Argentina may issue special bills bearing the likeness of Eva Duarte to mark the 60th anniversary on July 26 of the death of the famous wife of three-time President Juan Domingo Peron, the press reported Sunday. continue reading »

Latin America Says Good-Bye to Its Largest Garbage Dump

Brazil's Jardin Gramacho, a gigantic trash dump on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro that was considered Latin America's largest, finally closed on Sunday and will now begin undergoing a process of environmental recovery. continue reading »

1,000 Year Old Tomb Found with 80 Individuals in Peru, Many of Them Infants

The Pachacamac site in Peru has rendered another archealogical treasure with the discovery of a 1,000 year old tomb containing eighty individuals, many of them infants. continue reading »

Mob Storms Bolivia Jail and Lynches Murder Suspect

An angry mob stormed a jail and lynched a prisoner accused of murdering a man and wounding his wife in a town in the Bolivian region of Santa Cruz, which borders on Brazil and Paraguay, prosecutor Lucio Hinojosa told Efe on Monday. continue reading »

Nicaragua to Invest $20 Million in Early Childhood Programs for Poorest Children

Nicaragua will support cognitive, motor, and social development of children under age six in the country’s poorest communities with the help of a $20 million loan approved by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). continue reading »

Chile’s Lake Cachet Vanishing

Lake Cachet II, located in Chile’s Patagonia region, vanished overnight. The lake, fed by ice melting from the Colonia Glacier, lcoated 1,250 miles south of the country’s capital of Santiago, was reduced to puddles and chunks of ice after emptying into the Baker river. continue reading »

Stolen Art Work Including Work by Oscar Vaz is Recovered by Interpol in Argentina

Interpol recovered 29 works of art stolen in Argentina and arrested one person in six raids conducted on art galleries in Buenos Aires, authorities said Monday. continue reading »

Vice Media: Colombia Producing World’s Scariest Drug (VIDEO)

Check out Vice Media's insightful piece on the drug 'Scopolamine', that is produced in Colombia. Vice's Ryan Duffy is calling a 'strange and powerful' drug that makes you lose yourself control. Duffy takes you to the jungles of Colombia to the streets of Bogota tracing it popularity. continue reading »

Netflix Continues to Jump Hurdles and Expand Service to Latin America

Although only 20 percent of Brazil’s 42 million internet users have a connection speed over 500 kilobytes per second and streaming movies requires at least 800 kilobytes Netflix continues to push towards expansion in Latin America. continue reading »

Mercedes-Crashing Playboy Model Makes Appearance at Mexico’s First Presidential Debate

A Playboy model who worked as a production assistant at Mexico's first presidential debate over the weekend is at the heart of a controversy Monday, with even some of the presidential candidates weighing in. continue reading »

Deadly Teen Party Shooting Leads to 11 Argentine Police Arrested

Eleven police officers were arrested in the Argentine province of Mendoza after a 19-year-old was shot to death during a party where the officers showed up because of noise complaints, local media reported Sunday. continue reading »