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Tag Results for "Today Latin America News"

Popular Cuban Dissident Oswaldo Paya Reportedly Dies in Traffic Accident, Some Blaming Castro

Cuban opposition figure Oswaldo Paya, one of the most popular and best-known leaders of the internal dissident movement on the communist island, died Sunday in a traffic accident in the eastern province of Granma, various sources reported. continue reading »

Researchers Uncover Largest Ancient Maya Dam in Guatemala

Archaeologists from the University of Cincinnati have recently uncovered the largest ancient dam in Central America measuring 260 feet in length and 33 feet high. continue reading »

Mexicans Addicted to Bottled Water

According to a study by the Inter American Development Bank, Mexicans used close to 127 gallons of bottled water per person a year. This is more than four times the bottled water consumption in the U.S. continue reading »

Droughts Killing Farms in Mexico

Although Northern Mexico is accustomed to dry conditions, the unrelenting drought that has spread from Mexico into parts of the U.S. is slowly starving cattle, farms, and farmers leaving the state of Chihuahua in a state of emergency. continue reading »

RUBIO WATCH: Sen. Menendez and Rubio Express Concern About Constitutional Crisis in El Salvador

U.S. Senators Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Marco Rubio (R-FL), Chairman and Ranking Member of the Senate’s Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere Affairs, respectively, today expressed deep concern regarding the ongoing constitutional crisis in El Salvador continue reading »

Puerto Rican Cop Shoots at 85-Year Old Who Bumped His Car

A police officer in Guaynabo, a city in the San Juan metropolitan area, fired nine shots at an 85-year-old woman who hit his patrol car and continued going, Puerto Rican officials said. continue reading »

Convict Runs Major Art Theft Ring from Brazil Prison

A convicted art thief was found by the Brazilian Federal Police to be running an international ring from a prison in Rio de Janeiro, selling stolen art works in neighboring countries, media reports said. continue reading »

First Puerto Rican Woman Cycling in Tour de France

Maria del Pilar Vazquez is on her way to becoming the first Puerto Rican woman to cycle the entire Tour de France course. continue reading »

Bus Accident in Parana, Brazil Leaves 10 Dead and Many Injured

The death toll from the bus accident in the southern Brazilian state of Parana has risen to at least 10, with 26 other people injured, the highway patrol said. continue reading »

Anonymous Tip Leads to Arrest of Mexico City Airport Shooting Suspect

Felipe Lugo de Leon, one of the Federal Police officers wanted in connection with the shooting at the Mexico City airport last month that left three fellow officers dead, was arrested on Sunday, the Public Safety Secretariat said. continue reading »

PARADOX:  Bolivia Has Less Coca Plantations but Producing More Cocaine

The U.S. government confirmed that Bolivia has fewer coca plantations but it is producing more cocaine because drug traffickers are using a more "efficient" process known as the "Colombian method," according to an interview published Sunday in the daily Pagina Siete. continue reading »

Major Traffic Accident in Chile Leaves 11 Dead and 15 Injured

Eleven people died and at least 15 were injured in a traffic accident in southern Chile when a small bus collided with a truck towing a trailer, the governor of Arauco province, Flor Weisse, confirmed to local media. continue reading »

Shoot-Out at Mexico City’s International Airport Leaves 3 Police Dead

Mexican authorities are reporting the shooting death of three policemen at Mexico’s City International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de Mexico Benito Juarez) earlier today continue reading »

30 Crime Victims Found throughout Mexico, Majority in Abandoned Cargo Truck

The remains of 30 suspected victims of drug-related violence have been discovered over the past day and a half in three different parts of Mexico, including 11 bodies in a clandestine grave in the Gulf coast state of Veracruz and 14 others in the country's northeast region. continue reading »

Impeached Paraguay President Plans to Attend Merocur Summit this Week

Ousted Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo said Sunday he planned to attend the Mercosur summit later this week in Mendoza, Argentina. continue reading »

Murders in Juarez Leave Strewn Body Parts and State Prosecutor Dead

Murders in Juarez left a Chihuahua General Attorney prosecutor and her son dead while in an unrelated incident body parts were found strewn in a local parking lot. continue reading »

Llama Taxis – New Way to Travel in Peru

Tourists visiting the South American country of Perú will now have a new way to tour while in town: the Llama Taxi. Visitors will now be able to see local attractions while being ‘driven’ by a llama. continue reading »

Sex Change Surgery – Legal Right in Argentina

Adults hoping for a sex change in Argentina will now be able to get it after a new gender rights law was approved last week. The law states that sex change surgery or hormone therapy will now be included in the private or public health care plans. continue reading »

Brazilian Co-Founder of Facebook, Eduardo Saverin, Renounces U.S. Citizenship before IPO

Could a reported $3.84Billion stake in Facebook be the motivating force behind Brazilian Eduardo Saverin renunciation of his U.S. citizenship? continue reading »

UN Notes ‘Disturbing Trend’ in Mexico with Murder of Journalists

The United Nations human rights office voiced alarm over the killing of a journalist in Mexico over the weekend, and condemned what it said is a “disturbing trend” of media professional being murdered in the country, where more than 70 have been killed over the past 12 years. continue reading »