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Tag Results for "Texas News"

Efforts to Get Out Hispanic 2014 Vote Under Way in Arizona, Nevada, Texas

National organizations announced Thursday their efforts to get out the Hispanic vote for the 2014 legislative elections in states such as Arizona, Nevada and Texas. continue reading »

Texas Lawmakers Pass Strict Abortion Bill in Senate

The Texas Senate has passed a bill tightening restictions on abortion following three weeks of protests by activists and groups defending a woman's right to choose. continue reading »

Rick Perry’s Motives

Sixth graders in Texas have known no Governor in their state other than Rick Perry. He was elected the year they were born. If you’re a Latino sixth grader this is significant. Public education in Texas during Perry’s tenure has been at best stagnant and at worst declining. Public school funding in the state has diminished as minority student enrollment has increased. And over the past 12 years Texas school children have become a casualty of political battles. continue reading »

Custom and Border Protection Seizes $2 Million Worth of Narcotics on Hidalgo International Bridge

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers at the Hidalgo International Bridge seized over $2,000,000 worth of alleged cocaine, heroin and arrested a woman from Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico in connection with the incident. continue reading »

Texas Mariachi Band Director Charged with Having Sex with 16-Yr Old Student

A 35-year-old former Mariachi director at a local Texas school has been charged with having sex with one of his 16-year-old students. continue reading »

US Execution of Mexican National Violates International Law – UN Rights Chief

The United Nations human rights chief said today she deeply regrets the execution in the United States of Mexican national Humberto Leal García, stating that it is a breach of Washington’s obligations under international law. continue reading »

4th of July Under Attack- Fireworks Cancelled- The Colbert Report Messes with Texas (VIDEO)

In an attack against the shabby, cash only roadside shacks that make America great, Texas cancels Fourth of July Fireworks!! See Very Funny Colbert Report. continue reading »

Texas Wants Legal Immigrants to Provide Addl Proof of Poverty If Applying for Benefits

The Texas house yesterday passed in a 100-to-37 vote a bill that would require legal immigrants, who apply for state benefits, to provide additional proof of their ‘poorness’. continue reading »

Taking the Lead on Educating Latinos in TX- in less than 40 yrs, 1 in 4 will be Latinos

In less than 40 years, one in four Americans will be Latino, and tens of millions of these Latino Americans will be young people. Those numbers represent tremendous potential: a vast and growing group of eager, responsible citizens — many from families who actively chose to be Americans. continue reading »