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Tag Results for "Texas Immigration"

Texas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Says ‘No’ to Arizona-type Law

One of the largest Hispanic chambers of commerce has stated its opposition to an Arizona-type legislation recently filed in the state legislature. At the Rio Grande Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s (RGVHCC) Legislative “Report Card” Dinner continue reading »

Texas Mother and Son No Longer Fear Deportation

Deportation proceedings for Valquires Geraldes and her son have been dismissed, and their applications for 'green cards' are expected to be OK'd, said their lawyer Simon Azar-Farr. continue reading »

San Antonio Latinos, Advocates March For Immigration Reform

Today, at 5p.m Latinos groups from all over Texas are joining in to march for immigration reform. The civil rights activists want an executive order from the president to halt the deportation of unauthorized immigrant w continue reading »

Republicans Can’t Agree on Immigration in Texas

Social conservatives align with evangelicals against their fellow Republican hard liners in approach to immigration. Many evangelical ministers are voicing the need to have immigration reform provide for a path to citizenship for the millions of undocumented people in continue reading »