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Tag Results for "Tennessee Immigration"

Shackled and Detained: A Pregnant Woman’s Story (VIDEO)

One day while driving in Tennessee — and while nine months pregnant — Juana was stopped for a supposed traffic violation (of which she was later cleared). Before she knew it, Juana, an immigrant from Mexico continue reading »

Tennessee Begins Using E-Verify for New Hiring January 1

The Tennessee Labor Department is asking employers in the state to begin complying with the new rules for using the federal E-Verify program to ensure that they hire workers who are in the United States legally. continue reading »

American Citizen Detained Twice on Immigration Challenges Sheriff’s Powers

An American citizen who has been held twice as an illegal immigrant in Davidson County Tennessee has filed a lawsuit to challenge the Sheriffs right to do so. continue reading »

TN Jailers Now Have to Ask Inmates, “Are You Here Illegally?” (VIDEO)

January 1st enacted a new policy for Tennessee jails. Every inmate’s residency status is now going to be checked to make sure they are all in the country legally. continue reading »

Tennessee Senator Prepares to Fight for Arizona-Style Law in His State

As many already have, Tennessee is following in the legislative footsteps of Arizona when it comes to immigration, as Senator Bill Ketron is preparing a bill much like SB 1070 to make illegally being in the U.S. a criminal offense rather than a civil violation as the federal government classifies it now. continue reading »