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Tag Results for "Tea Party"

POLL:  ‘Tea Party’ Label Viewed as Negative by More Americans

Looks like it’s a little more popular to be a liberal or a progressive these days, although conservative remains the best political label you can put on a candidate for public office. Being linked to the Tea Party is the biggest negative. continue reading »

From Saving Nancy Reagan to Getting Out the Latino Republican Vote - Is Rubio the Next Superman?

Can the junior senator from Florida really be the next Superman and I don’t mean the fictional character, I mean the real deal. From the moment he stepped onto the national political stoplight he has been touted not only as the Latino face of the Republican Party, he is being touted as a potential Vice Presidential candidate. And now yesterday he goes and saves the beloved Nancy Reagan from a nasty tumble at the Reagan Presidential Library. continue reading »

Pick Your Poison in AZ:  Join the Border Militia or Help Pay for the Fence

If you are still wondering where to go this summer or have extra cash lying around Arizona is the place to be. Don’t let the stifling heat, oppressive mind set or white militia also known as the Republican legislature keep you away – they have a lot going on as of Wednesday, July 19th – that is when numerous new laws went into effect. continue reading »

From Tea Party to Tequila Party? Latinos are Getting Restless

In the 2012 presidential election, Latinos might be so disgruntled with both parties that they could wind up craving a shot of tequila. continue reading »

Justice Thomas Omitted His Tea Partying Wife’s Income From Financial Disclosure Forms

Federal judges and justices are required by law to disclose their spouse’s income — thus preventing persons who wish to influence the judge or justice from funneling money to them through their husband or wife. continue reading »

NM New Republican Gov. Susana Martinez Priority: Revoke Licenses of Illegal Immigrants

The newly elected governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez, is making driver’s license for illegal immigrants a top priority. The first Latina governor, she is of Mexican-American descent, came in continue reading »

Marco Rubio Not Interested in Being VP in 2012 – Despite All the Buzz About Him

The newly sworn in Republican Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio is putting everyone on notice that he is not interested in the possibility of being the 2012 Republican candidate for Vice President. continue reading »

Howard Dean Characterizes Tea Party as Group that Fears Diversity

Former Democratic Chairman Howard Dean in a Christian Science Monitor interview characterized the Tea Party as ‘entirely over 55 and white’ and driven to action by a bad economy but more so by fear of the changing demographic that is more brown than white. continue reading »

Latino Republicans at the Tea Party

These Latino Republicans rode into office not by falling through the rabbit hole, but either as a Tea Party candidate (Rubio), supported by the Tea Party (Martínez) or ran on Tea Party values (Sandoval). When the "Queen of Hearts" issues for many Latinos: the Dream Act and immigration reform with amnesty comes before these tea partiers what will they do? we'll be watching. continue reading »

Harry Reid and Tea Party Darling Sharron Angle in Razor-Close Race

Despite Obama making several trips to Nevada to rally support for Harry Reid, anti- Washington ire leaves Reid in danger on Tuesday. If Reid looses, he will be the first US Senate majority leader in 58 years to be voted out by home-state voters. continue reading »

What does a ‘Hispanic Heart’, Speedy Gonzales & the Tea Party Have in Common?

The homophobic crusty crooner, Pat Boone, has resurfaced and not from the dead as most of you assume but rather on the election campaign trail. Boone who supports any and all ultra conservative candidates came out in support of Tea Party Texas Republican Clayton Trotter. continue reading »

Getting Naked in Spain to Garner Votes (VIDEO)

The Citizens party of Catalonia, known as Ciutadans, is trying a ‘fresh’ ‘breezy’ way to promote their party as the rebels choice in Spain – going nude. Everyday citizens are seen disrobing and basically saying continue reading »