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Tag Results for "Taxi"

Taxi Companies to Offer Latino Voters Free Rides to Polling Locations in Utah

Two taxi companies in Salt Lake City announced that from now through Nov. 6 they will provide free transport for all Latinos who need it to get to the polling places so they can do their civic duty. continue reading »

“Narco-tourism” an Industry on the Rise (VIDEO)

The lives and history of some of the world’s most heartless and dangerous men have become the subject of tours in their former hometowns. continue reading »

“Taxi-Cab Confessions” Remake with a Latino Tinge at UrbanoTV.com (VIDEO)

Remember channel surfing like an insomniac drone at 3:00 AM back in the nineties, and stumbling upon the HBO show about people spilling all kinds of beans in the backseat of a taxi? continue reading »