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Tag Results for "Tax Breaks"

U.S. Senate Approves 1st Federal Budget in 4 years

The United States Senate approved early Saturday by a slim margin its first budget in four years, which includes nearly $1 trillion in tax hikes over the next 10 years. continue reading »

Tax Breaks Stimulated Economic Growth in Brazil, More Measures Planned to Spur Growth

Brazil's economy expanded by 0.75 percent in June relative to the previous month as tax breaks stimulated growth, the central bank said Friday. continue reading »

Report: Austerity Policies Worsen Racial Economic Inequalities, Hit Blacks and Latinos Hardest

The official unemployment rate is 15.8 percent among Blacks and 13 percent among Latinos; Blacks earn only 57 cents for each dollar of White family income, Latinos earn 59 cents; and Blacks have only 10 cents of net wealth while Latinos have 12 cents to every dollar of net wealth that Whites have. continue reading »