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Tag Results for "Susana Mendoza"

Will Chicago’s Upcoming City Stickers be Riddled With Gang Signs?

Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza has begun an investigation into whether a student-submitted design for the new city stickers shows hands making gang signs. continue reading »

First Latina Ever Elected to Chicago City Clerk- Susana Mendoza Talks City Stickers

Susana Mendoza was elected Chicago City Clerk in 2011 and is the first woman ever elected to that office. City Clerk Mendoza's office is responsible for maintaining official city government records, distributing approximately 1.3 continue reading »

State Rep. Susana Mendoza Wants City Clerk Position

City Clerk Miguel del Valle has joined the rising number of hopefuls looking to become the next mayor of Chicago. This, of course, will leave his position open, and State Rep. Susana Mendoza is looking to become his successor. continue reading »