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Tag Results for "Student Loans"

Obama Promotes Student Loan Forgiveness – Hurray Say Latino Students

As President Obama said, “in the United States of America, no one should go broke because they chose to go to college.” That's why the Administration is moving forward with ways to help reduce the burden continue reading »

Mass. Banker Helping Latino Families Afford College With Matching Funds and More

Bob Hildreth, the son of an Irish immigrant and a descendant of the Puritans was first drawn to the Hispanic Community four years ago while watching an immigration raid on TV. After seeing the fate some of the young children whose parents were arrested in the raid, the Boston banker went into action mode, and came to the rescue. continue reading »

More Financial Aid Will Yield More College Graduates

Last year, student loans were the target. Now, US Department of Education Deputy Secretary Tony Miller wants to overhaul financial aid in its entirety. The goal: To not only make college and university studies accessible to students, but to encourage students to obtain degrees. continue reading »