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Tag Results for "Stop Deportations"

DREAM 9 Immigrant Youth Released from Immigration Detention as They Await Political Asylum

The young immigration activists known as the DREAM 9 were released from Arizona's Eloy Detention Center pending consideration of their requests for political asylum. continue reading »

Immigrant Women’s Advocates Applaud New Family Immigration Policy

The National Coalition for Immigrant Women’s Rights (NCIWR) applauds a new Obama Administration immigration policy, as it will advance family unity and integration for immigrant women and their families. continue reading »

Gutierrez Responds to Reports of STEM Visa Bill Moving in the House

I would like to negotiate on increasing STEM visas, by as much as 50,000, as well as family visas and I have been talking to Republicans, including Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith, to see if we can reach a deal. I hope we can. continue reading »

DREAM Act Alive – Obama to Stop Deporting Undocumented Youth

A major immigration policy announcement has come out of the Department of Homeland Security and will shortly be confirmed by the White House – deportation of DREAM-Act eligible youth will cease. continue reading »

Immigration Judge Delays Deportation of Gay Mexican Man Married to U.S. Citizen

An immigration judge in California decided to delay the deportation of an undocumented Mexican immigrant who wed his U.S. citizen partner in New York, where same-sex unions are recognized. continue reading »

Kids Write Letters to Obama Begging Him Not to Deport Parents

Dozens of U.S.-born children of undocumented immigrants are meeting at a Methodist church in Chicago to pray to Our Lady of Guadalupe and write letters they will send to President Barack Obama asking him not to deport their parents. continue reading »

WATCH:  Rep. Luis Guitierrez Arrested in Front of White House Protesting Immigrant Deportations

Yesterday, Rep. Luis Gutierrez, the Democrat from Illinois, was arrested at 4:40 pm (EST) for protesting in front of the White House with others against the deportation of undocumented immigrants. continue reading »

A New Dream (VIDEO)

Immigration is a hot topic right now. But if all you see are the stories in the news, its easy to presume that those represent the majority of immigrants. Its when you actually have personal relationships with immigrants, that you begin to realize some of those stereotypes might not actually be accurate. continue reading »