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Tag Results for "Sports News"

Leon Beats Jaguares 4-1 in Mexican soccer

Colombian Hernan Dario Burbano scored a goal and assisted on another to lead Leon to a 4-1 victory over Jaguares de Chiapas in late-season play in the Mexican soccer league. continue reading »

After Armstrong’s Doping Charges, No Tour de France Winner from 1999-2005

The International Cycling Union, or UCI, decided Friday that the 1999-2005 Tour de France titles stripped from American cyclist Lance Armstrong for doping and providing performance-enhancing drugs to his teammates will not be awarded to the second-place finishers of those races. continue reading »

Spanish-Language Sports Coverage Expanding in U.S. Media

Spanish-language sports programming expands its presence starting Friday with the launch of a new radio station in New York and an online platform for transmitting sports events live, both part of the ESPN network. continue reading »

Spanish F1 Driver Maria De Villota Loses Eye After Test Crash

Maria de Villota, of the Formula One team Marussia, has lost her right eye in a crash at a test event on Tuesday. The 32-year-old driver, one of only two female drivers ever contracted to an F1 team, sustained her injuries at a British airfield after running into a stationary truck. continue reading »

Combs Deserves UCLA Football Scholarship

A controversy has brewed in the media about a college scholarship to UCLA for football player Justin Combs. Combs worked hard to earn a $54,000 merit-based scholarship through dedication to football and a 3.75 GPA. continue reading »

State Department Announces Basketball Envoy Program to Venezuela

The U.S. State Department and the National Basketball Association (NBA) announced that they will send Nykesha Sales, a six-time Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) All-Star, to Venezuela May 28 - June 1. Sales will join Greivis Vasquez, a Venezuelan-born player with NBA’s New Orleans Hornets, to participate in a U.S. government exchange program that brings people together for greater understanding through sports. continue reading »

Mexico To Use French Soccer Tournament to Finalize its Olympic Roster

Mexico's under-23 national soccer team will compete in a tournament this month in Toulon, France, fielding a squad of 20 players under consideration for the Olympic roster. continue reading »

Playboy Model Who Claims De La Hoya “Took Advantage” of Her Asking for $5 Million

The Playboy model accusing boxing Olympian Oscar De La Hoya of assaulting her is asking for an apology and $5 million. Angelica Marie Cecora and her attorney spoke to reporters outside a Manhattan courthouse Wednesd continue reading »

Row in Philly Over Bimbo Sponsorship Printed on Soccer Team’s Jerseys (VIDEO)

Major League Soccer's Philadelphia Union, may have got more that they bargained for when signing a multimillion dollar sponsorship deal with south of the border bread and baked goods giant Bimbo. continue reading »