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Tag Results for "Spending Cuts"

President Warns Economy, Nat’l Security Will Suffer with Spending Cuts

President Barack Obama said Tuesday that the U.S. economy and national security will suffer if a set of automatic spending cuts takes effect later this week. continue reading »

Mexican Budget Forecasts 3.5 Percent GDP Growth in 2013

Mexico's government has submitted Congress a balanced-budget plan for 2013 based on spending cuts and gross domestic product growth of 3.5 percent. continue reading »

Reid lists Spending ,Tax and Immigration Reform As Priority for Senate

Harry Reid stated Tuesday that he places government spending, taxes, and immigration reform as objectives for this congressional term. Reid, the current Senate Majority Leader said that he would be willing to compromise with Republicans in order to achieve these goals. On a Nevada television program, Reid said that tax reform “certainly needs to be done this Congress,” adding “We need to go back to a flatter tax.” continue reading »