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Tag Results for "Spanish News"

The Three Nationalities of Mario Vargas Llosa. Peruvian, Spanish and now… Dominican

Mario Vargas Llosa has "accepted" a symbolic third nationality--Dominican. continue reading »

Bare it All for a Bargain in Spain (VIDEO)

Spanish clothing store Desigual clothed for free on Sunday, the first 100 customers that showed up wearing only their underwear in the city of Madrid. continue reading »

Televisa, Univision Deal Started in October Now Complete

Monday, Grupo Televisa, announced it has finally completed its $1.2 billion investment deal started in October with Univision Communications Inc. Univision is the largest Spanish-language television network in the U.S., continue reading »

Latin America Protests over Imprisonment of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange

Latin Americans of all over show their support to the WikiLeaks cause, and rally peacefully to demand transparency, justice, and the liberation of Julian Assange. continue reading »

Basic Skills Test’s New Standards Result in Fewer Minorities Passing

Chicago community groups in Illinois are arguing that standards for new teacher exams, which all college students have to take to get into a teacher-training program, are discriminating against minorities. continue reading »

Ecuador’s Government Offering Incentives for Migrants to Return Home

With the current state of the U.S. economy, programs that were initially set up to help Ecuadoreans assimilate in the U.S. are now being used to entice the very same people to come back to Ecuador. continue reading »

DREAM VOTE UPDATE:  DREAM Act’s Hope May Lie With AgJobs Bill

As hope for the DREAM Act’s passage dwindles, House leaders are now considering adding it to an agriculture jobs bill in a last-ditch effort to gather additional votes. Adding it to the AgJobs bill, which has had support from “moderate Republicans and Democrats from agriculture districts,” continue reading »

Do you have a career or a job?

Most of us are not in a position to engage in volunteer work and community service, or even a life of leisure, full time. We have to work. We need the routine pay check to meet our financial needs and a job can do that. continue reading »

Bay Area restaurant Owners Charged with Undocumented Immigrants

A Pleasanton, Calif., couple who own a chain of Bay Area Mexican restaurants were arraigned in federal court here Monday after being charged in a 20-count criminal information with tax and immigration violations. continue reading »

24 Hours Before DREAM Act Vote - How are the Votes Stacking Up?

Who is standing, switching, and teetering on the DREAM Act fence. Over the last decade, the DREAM Act has been in the hands of many politicians, but these days it’s tough to determine who stands where. continue reading »

42,000 lbs of Mexican Tamales Recalled for not Disclosing Their ‘Whey’ - FOR REAL

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service announced Friday that after performing routine inspection at the South Bay plant of Diana's Mexican Food Products, 42,000 pounds of chicken tamales would have to be recalled because the label doesn't say the tamales contain whey. continue reading »

Hispanically Targeted Publications See Increase in Readership and More Being Launched Everyday

As a sign of the growing prominence of the Latino population in the U.S., sixteen new Hispanically targeted publications were launched between 2009-2010. continue reading »

Chicago Bookstore Provides Spanish-exclusive Books

Pilsen’s Libreria Giron, one of the three family-owned Giron bookstores, exclusively sells books in Spanish, ranging from Ricky Martin’s new book “Yo”, to classics, to new books from best-selling authors like Nobel Prize-winning Mario Vargas Llosa. continue reading »

BREAKING NEWS:  Airspace Over Spain Closed Due to Strikers Walkout

The Spanish government has just closed all the air space in the country because striking air controllers en masse did not show up for work. continue reading »

Another Woman Police Commander Executed in Sinaloa

Another woman police commander was murdered, the second victim in today; a few hours ago, a Chihuahua officer died after being gunned down. Now, Maria Dolores Guzman joins the list of assassinated officials. continue reading »