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Tag Results for "Spanish News"

Spanish Officials Deny Asking Germany for Bailout

The Spanish government denied on Sunday that any "pressure" is being exerted by German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble on Economy Minister Luis de Guindos to get Spain to ask the European financial stability fund for money to shore up the Spanish banking sector, while Berlin reiterated its confidence in the measures that Madrid is taking to deal with its fiscal woes. continue reading »

Four Spanish Children Amongst 19 Victims in Qatar Fire

Three of the four Spanish children killed in a fire Monday at a daycare center in a mall in Doha were the children of an executive of Spanish construction company OHL who works in Qatar, company spokesmen told Efe. continue reading »

Spain’s Teide Observatory -Europe’s Largest Solar Telescope- Inaugurated

Europe's largest solar telescope was inaugurated Monday at Teide Observatory on the Spanish island of Tenerife, from where it will help researchers observe and better understand the activities of the Sun and also those of the majority of stars in the universe. continue reading »

‘Cousin’ of Giant Panda Is a ‘Spaniard’

Spanish scientists from Spain’s National Museum of Natural Sciences and the University of Valencia have discovered a new ursid fossil species in the region of Zaragoza, Spain. continue reading »

Spanish Architect Rafael Moneo Wins Top Arts Prize

Spanish avant-garde architect Rafael Moneo, known for the use of light in his building designs to create diaphanous spaces, was named Wednesday as this year's recipient of the Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts. continue reading »

Spanish Company and Gov’t Expect Compensation From Bolivia

The Spanish government and Spain-based power utility Red Electrica de España say they expect President Evo Morales' administration will provide fair compensation for the REE unit nationalized by Bolivia, a move officials in Madrid say is not linked to Argentina's expropriation of oil firm YPF. continue reading »

S&P Cuts Spain’s Credit Rating to BBB+

Standard & Poor's on Thursday reduced its long-term sovereign credit rating on Spain by two notches, from A to BBB+, expressing concern about the country's large volume of debt and shrinking economy. continue reading »

Spanish Technology Brings ‘Robocop’ to Life

Using Spain’s Ex-Sight Technology, police officers and other security personnel will now have superhuman powers. Using this new technology, police will be able to scan 100,000 faces per second, continue reading »

Spain’s King Juan Carlos Apologizes for Going on African Safari During Country’s Financial Crisis

"I'm very sorry. I made a mistake. It won't happen again," Spain's King Juan Carlos said Wednesday regarding a hunting trip to Botswana that became headline news after he was injured in a fall. continue reading »

Spain: With Surprising Number of Allegedly Stolen Babies, Gov’t to Set Up Database

Following a wave of allegations of illegal adoptions, Spain's government pledged Thursday to set up a database of infants who may have been stolen during the 1939-1975 Franco dictatorship and beyond. continue reading »

13-Year Old Spanish Royal Accidentally Shoots Himself in Royal Palace

A grandson of Spain's King Juan Carlos was taken to a Madrid clinic after he accidentally shot himself in the right foot with a shotgun at the family residence in Soria, the Royal Palace said. continue reading »

Mexico and China Come Together in Fight Against Antiquity Smuggling

The governments of China and Mexico signed Friday in Beijing an accord by which the two countries, both millennial cultures that frequently lose national treasures to robbery and contraband, agreed to join forces against such crimes. continue reading »

145 Million Year Old Dinosaur Skull Found in Spain

A Spanish paleontology foundation presented Tuesday the fossilized skull of the biggest dinosaur yet found in Europe, Turiasaurus riodevensis, a sauropod that lived 145 million years ago, measured more than 30 meters (100 feet) long and weighed some 40 tons. continue reading »

Madrid Prostitutes Withholding Sex Favors from Spanish Bankers, Until They Approve More Loans

While the banks of Spain withhold credit availability to Spanish families and small businesses, the capital’s high class escorts will be withholding their own sought after services. continue reading »

There is No Mayan Apocalypse Prediction Says Mexican Astronomer

Neither the Mayans' texts nor their calendar contain predictions of an apocalypse later this year, but regrettably "pseudoscientific media outlets are talking about the end of the world, based on supposed prophecies and the Mayan calendar," Mexican astronomer Marte Trejo Sandoval said. continue reading »

Spanish Nun Named Suspect in Decades-Long Baby Kidnapping Scheme

A Spanish nun has been named a suspect in the case of a decades-long baby snatching scandal. Sister Maria Gomez is now 80 years old, but investigators continue reading »

Council Opposes Oil Search off Coast of Spain’s Canary Islands

Elected officials in the Canary Islands plan to ask Spain's Supreme Court to block plans for oil exploration in the Spanish archipelago off the coast of Africa. continue reading »

Is Spanish Sexist?

The Royal Academicians of the Spanish Language have warned those feminists to leave the language intact: Spanish is not sexist! continue reading »

Celebrating Dali’s Sweet, Enduring Mini Masterpiece:  Chupa Chups

Did you know the famous Spanish lollipop, Chupa Chups, also had a famous logo designer, the surrealist Spanish painter, Salvador Dalí. continue reading »

Spain to Return Antiquities Dating from the Time of the Pharohs, Back to Egypt

The Spanish government will return to Egypt eight items dating back to the time of the pharaohs - the 6th Dynasty, which lasted from 2374 B.C. to 2192 B.C., to be precise - and which had been taken illegally from the Arab country in 1999, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry announced Sunday. continue reading »