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Tag Results for "Spanish Language Operas"

Isbel Allende’s “Una Venganza” Turned into Opera by Tenor Placido Domingo

Under the baton of Placido Domingo, acclaimed Chilean writer Isabel Allende's short story "Una Venganza" ("An Act of Vengeance") emerges from the printed page as the opera "Dulce Rosa," a production with a Latin heart and Greek tragedy in its soul that premieres Friday in Los Angeles. continue reading »

Spanish-English, English-Spanish Crossovers: Operas and Telenovelas (VIDEO)

A curious cross-language phenomena is occurring throughout the U.S.: operas performed in Spanish and English sub-titles for Spanish telenovelas. All this pointing to the acculturation of many Hispanic elements by the general U.S. population and the growing interest in all things Hispanic. continue reading »