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Tag Results for "Spanish History"

Bolivia Gained Independence from Spain in 1825

Today in Latin American history, Bolivia gained independence from Spain in 1825. During most of the Spanish colonial period, this territory was known as Upper Peru and was under the administration of the Viceroyalty of Peru, which included most of Spain's South American colonies. continue reading »

Christopher Columbus Left Spain, Later Discovering the New World in 1492

Today in Latin American history, Christopher Columbus left Spain in search of Asia instead he discovered the New World in 1492. Columbus departed from Spain with three ships: the Santa María ex-Gallega ("Galician"), the Pinta ("Painted") and the Santa Clara, nicknamed the Niña (lit. "Girl"). continue reading »

Argentina Declared Independence From Spain in 1816

Today in Latin American history, Argentina declared independence from Spain in 1816. The Congress of Tucumán declared the independence of the United Provinces of South America, which is still today one of the legal names of the Argentine Republic. continue reading »

Venezuela Declared Independence from Spain in 1811

Today in Latin American history, Venezuela declared independence from Spain in 1811. Venezuelans made the decision to break away from the Spanish Crown in order to establish a new nation based on the premises of equality of individuals, abolition of censorship and dedication to freedom of expression. continue reading »

Spanish Architect Antoni Gaudí was Born in 1852

Today in Latin American history, Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí was born in 1852. Between 1984 and 2005, seven of his works were declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. continue reading »

Pope Alexander VI Divided the New World Between Spain and Portugal in 1493

Today in Latin American history, Pope Alexander VI divided the New World between Spain and Portugal along the line of demarcation in 1493. continue reading »

USS Maine Exploded, Leading to Spanish-American War in 1898

Today in Latin American history, the USS Maine exploded and sinks in Havana harbor in Cuba, killing more than 260 in 1898. continue reading »

King Juan Carlos I of Spain was Born in 1938

Today in Latin American history, King Juan Carlos I of Spain was born in 1938. On 22 November 1975, two days after General Francisco Franco's death, Juan Carlos was designated King according to the law of succession promulgated by Franco. continue reading »

Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain Artifacts Sold at Auction

The collection of objects and memorabilia belonging to Queen Victoria Eugenia, grandmother of Spain's King Juan Carlos, was sold at auction here Monday for 157,000 Swiss francs ($168,000). continue reading »

Catalonia Will Not Splinter from Spain, Sovereignty Plan Fails at Voting Booth

The center-right Catalonian nationalists won the regional elections here Sunday but with 98.7 percent of the votes counted were far from garnering "the exceptional majority" they were seeking to push their sovereignty plan. continue reading »

Spain to Return Antiquities Dating from the Time of the Pharohs, Back to Egypt

The Spanish government will return to Egypt eight items dating back to the time of the pharaohs - the 6th Dynasty, which lasted from 2374 B.C. to 2192 B.C., to be precise - and which had been taken illegally from the Arab country in 1999, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry announced Sunday. continue reading »