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Tag Results for "Spanish Dictionary"

Spanish Academy Adds “Estadounidismo” to Dictionary

The dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language (DRAE), has accepted the term “estadounidismo” (United Statesism), defined as: "1. M. A word or usage common in Spanish as spoken in the United States.” continue reading »

“Espanglish” Officially Added to Spanish Dictionary

The word "espanglish" will appear in the next edition of the Dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, or DRAE, as an example of the contributions of Spanish-speakers in the United States to the Spanish language, the North American Academy of the Spanish Language said Tuesday. continue reading »

‘Dictionary of Americanisms’ Identifies All Words Used in Latin America, Even Spanglish

If you are trying to figure out the different versions of Spanish spoken in the Americas as well as the U.S. here’s a book for you: ‘Diccionario de Americanismos’. continue reading »