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Tag Results for "Spanish Culture"

20-Year-Old American Badly Gored During Bull Run in Spain

A 20-year-old American was forced to undergo a splenectomy after being gored here Friday during the sixth running of the bulls at Spain's San Fermin festival. continue reading »

No Runners Gored on Fifth Day of Pamplona

The bulls from the Torrestrella ranch took to the streets of the northern Spanish city, Pamplona, Thursday in a fast and dangerous run that featured some hairy moments but did not leave anyone gored. continue reading »

Several Runners Injured During Pamplona Bull Run

The bulls from the Victoriano del Rio ranch completed the fastest run so far at this year's San Fermin festival in the northern Spanish city of Pamplona, creating dangerous conditions that resulted in several runners being trampled. continue reading »

No Injuries on Third Run with the Bulls in Pamplona

The bulls from the Valdefresno estate in Salamanca were the featured attraction Tuesday of the third running of the bulls at the San Fermin festival in the northern Spanish city of Pamplona, where one of the animals strayed from the herd but no injuries were reported. continue reading »

Spain’s San Fermin Festival Draws Large Crowds

The firing of the traditional "chupinazo" rocket here Saturday before a giant crowd marked the start of the nine-day San Fermin festival. continue reading »

Cervantes Institute Wants Spanish Language to Go Global

The head of the Cervantes Institute, Victor Garcia de la Concha, defended here on Tuesday the need to cooperate with institutions inside and outside Spain to spread the Spanish language throughout the world. continue reading »

State-Supported Cervantes Institute Sees Belting Tightening in 2013

The commemoration of the anniversary of the discoveries of the Pacific Ocean and Florida and the Year of Spain in Japan are some of the activities scheduled by the Cervantes Institute for 2013, a year that will be marked by austerity. continue reading »

Madrid Fusion Culinary Fair Draws Thousands

The 2013 Madrid Fusion fair drew more than 10,000 visitors, 600 accredited media outlets, 190 chefs and assistants, 500 participants and 100 exhibitors to this "atypical" show, its director, Lourdes Plana, told Efe. continue reading »

Cultural Center in Miami Exhibits Photos of Spain from Last 60 Years

An exhibit here of the work of Spain's greatest photographers, from black-and-white images of the impoverished post-civil-war period to intense color photos capturing the "movida madrileña" counter-cultural movement, documents the recent societal transformations in the Iberian nation. continue reading »

Brand Spain, Spanish Public Broadcaster to Promote Spanish Image

The government's high commissioner for Brand Spain and the head of public broadcaster RTVE signed an agreement here Thursday to cooperate in promoting the image of the Iberian nation. continue reading »

Brand Spain Shares Spanish Culture with the World

The high commissioner for Brand Spain presented on Thursday a Web site that aims to show the best of the Iberian nation in every aspect of life. continue reading »

Sunken Treasure to Be Displayed in Spanish Museum

The treasure from the Spanish galleon Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes, brought up from the bottom of the sea by U.S. salvage firm Odyssey and recovered, after a hard-fought legal battle, by the Spanish state, will be displayed at the National Museum of Subacquatic Archaeology in the southeastern city of Cartagena on the Mediterranean coast. continue reading »

Spanish Writer Fernando Diaz-Plaja, 94, Dies in Uruguay

Spanish writer and historian Fernando Diaz-Plaja died Wednesday of pneumonia in Uruguay, where he had lived for the past decade, doctors told Efe. He was 94. continue reading »

2012 Ambassadors for “Brand Spain” Include Antonio Banderas, Fernando Alonso

The Leading Brands of Spain Forum named as honorary ambassadors for "Brand Spain" actor Antonio Banderas, Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso and the country's High-Speed rail service. continue reading »

HS News Celebrates Spain’s National Day

Today all of Spain is celebrating La Fiesta Nacional de España known as Spain’s National Day. The national holiday celebrates the day Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas in an expedition funded by the Spanish Crown. continue reading »

Famed Chef Jose Andres To Teach Course on Spanish Cuisine

Chef Jose Andres intends to revolutionize the way in which Spanish gastronomy is known in the United States and the rest of the world with his Spanish Culinary Art course. continue reading »

AirBnb, the Ebay of Hotels, Comes to Spain

The web based home hotel service better known as AirBnB has expanded their offices to include Barcelona, Spain. Now returning customers of AirBnb, also known as the ‘Ebay of Hotels’, as well as new users can add Spain as one of their possible travel destinations. continue reading »

Birth Rates in Spain Continue to Decline

The 230,537 births recorded in Spain in the first half of 2011 represents a decline of 1.1 percent from the same period of the previous year and continues a trend that began in 2009, the National Statistics Institute, or INE, said Wednesday. continue reading »

Spain’s Prado Museum to Now be Open 7 Days a Week

Spain's Prado Museum marks the start of a new era on Monday, when it will begin opening seven days a week and on Good Friday, allowing visitors to enjoy its world famous collection an additional 53 days a year and making it the European museum with the most operating hours at 3,542 annually. continue reading »

Spanish Love: Giving Up Billions for a Commoner that Looks Like Julio Iglesias

If you are in need of a feel good love story and are trying to figure out if money is more important than love & happiness (considering that none of us will have any thanks to Washington D.C) - I have a tale for you. continue reading »