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Tag Results for "Spanish Adventurer"

After Following Ponce de Leon’s Footsteps, Spaniard Wants to Cross Pacific With Jet Ski

After a solo crossing of 21 days by jet ski, Spanish navigator Alvaro de Marichalar completed the route sailed by explorer and conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon when he discovered Florida 500 years ago, and now plans a four-month crossing of the Pacific Ocean, which will be his longest and perhaps last important feat. continue reading »

Spaniard Finishes Ponce de Leon’s Route Via Jet Ski

Spanish adventurer Alvaro de Marichalar arrived on Wednesday in St. Augustine, Florida, after a 14-day solo journey on board his jet ski retracing the route explorer Juan Ponce de Leon took when he set sail and discovered Florida 500 years ago. continue reading »

Spain’s Alvaro de Marichalar to Retrace Ponce de Leon Voyage on Jet Ski

Spanish adventurer Alvaro de Marichalar will depart from San Juan for Florida this week on board a jet ski on a journey of 1,624 nautical miles through the Caribbean without any support vessels nearby. continue reading »