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Tag Results for "Spain"

WATCH Real Madrid Take on Team of 109 Chinese Youngsters (VIDEO)

With a tiny opponent for every year of the club’s existence, Guangzhou children treated the team to a farewell match, at the end of the Real’s Asian tour. continue reading »

Mexican Team Chivas de Guadalajara Beats The Best Team in The World (VIDEO)

The Mexican soccer team outplayed the best soccer team in the world 4-1 in a friendly match, Wednesday night in the city of Miami. continue reading »

Matchmaking Caravans: Single in Spain? Hop in the Love Bus!

The “Women Caravan Association” specializes in taking single women to Spanish towns where single men abound. continue reading »

Man Gored To Death After Taunting Bull With a Pink Umbrella (VIDEO)

The 50 year old man was gored to death during celebrations in Rafelbunyol, Valencia, Spain. continue reading »

Zapatero Calls for Early Spanish Elections (VIDEO)

Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero announced that elections will be Nov. 20 “so a different government offers assurance” continue reading »

Join us This and Every Sunday At HS-News Open Mic

Your backstage pass to HS-News showcase of emerging and established Latino musical talent. continue reading »

Streaker Gets Horned in San Fermin’s Run of The Bulls (VIDEO)

Taunting bulls in the nude. Daring, or just plain irrational? You be the judge! continue reading »

WATCH: Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls, Run Begins 11:30 CDT (LIVE STREAM)

Be a part (from the safety of your home) of the crazy San Fermín crowd and enjoy a few exhilarating moments of the 204 hour long festivities, live from Pamplona! continue reading »

EXTREME TRAFFICKING: Woman Arrested in Barcelona With 8lbs. of Cocaine IN HER NUTS!

The woman managed to fly from Bogotá to Barcelona with 8lbs of the alkaloid hidden in wine bottles, and nuts. continue reading »

Evita Duarte de Perón’s Jewelry Recovered in Italy

Police in Milán have recovered jewelry that once belonged to the late Argentine First Lady of Juan Doming Perón. continue reading »

Hey, Lady Gaga! Why Don’t You Come To Madrid? (VIDEO)

Fans used social networks to gather more “monsters” and shoot a “GagaVideoMob” asking her to come to Madrid. continue reading »

Spanish Police Arrest Barcelona Bus Luggage Thieves

One of thieves purchased a single bus ticket and checked his bag into the compartment below the bus, the luggage bag containing his accomplice! continue reading »

Barça Police Has Hard Time Calming Protestors Before Champions Final (VIDEO)

Police mobilized against protesters today in Barcelona, attempting to clear the square out ahead of FC Barça’s Champions League final match against Manchester United tomorrow evening. continue reading »

Octopus That Predicted Spain Would Win The World Cup Gets Own Movie (VIDEO)

“The Life And Times of Paul The Psychic Octopus” is set to hit theaters this fall. continue reading »

Spain’s El Hierro Island is Looking to Become the Greenest Place on Earth

The Easternmost of the Canary Islands is launching an innovative wind-power system that will make the island fully energy self-sufficient. continue reading »

Nudist Gym Opens in Spain’s Basque Country - 1st Ever in Spain (VIDEO)

As a way to combat recession, a gym in the Basque region of Spain now offers sports and athletic programs for nudists. continue reading »

¡Felicidades! Mexico on Your 200th Year of Independence (EL Grito VIDEO Here)

Today, all of Mexico is celebrating and rejoicing its 200-year old independence from Spain. The Spanish arrived in the 1500's and stayed for nearly 300 years as it colonized continue reading »