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Tag Results for "Spain News"

Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero Stepping Down After Current Term

Spain’s current Prime Minister and staunch austerity proponent, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has announced he will not be seeking a third term. continue reading »

Spain’s Solar Subsidies Cut During Budget Crisis

Spain’s three largest utilities Iberdrola, Endesa and Gas Natural weigh in on the renewable versus nonrenewable debate and the tariff program. continue reading »

Funeral Parlor In Spain Breaks Paradigms of Architecture and Interior Design

A visually-striking new funeral home in coastal Spain demonstrates that death, and funerals, and funeral homes, don’t necessarily have to be dreadfully depressing. continue reading »

Spanish Superstar Alejandro Sanz Signs to Universal Music Group

Spain's global superstar, Alejandro Sanz, has signed an exclusive, long-term recording agreement with Universal Music Group, the world's leading Music Company. continue reading »

Robert De Niro Arrives in Barcelona to Shoot a Paranormal Mystery Film

Robert De Niro has just arrived in Barcelona to film a paranormal mystery. The actor will be participating in "Red Lights" a film directed by Spanish director Rodrigo Cortés, who directed Buried in 2010. continue reading »

Are Enrique Iglesias And Anna Kournikova Expecting Their First Baby?

The gossip seems to be true this time around, as sources indicate that the couple told the good news to a group of close friends at their home in Miami last Saturday. continue reading »

BUSTED Largest Cocaine Lab in Europe Has Been Dismantled in Spain (VIDEO)

The largest cocaine laboratory in Spain, has been busted; it existed surrounded by sheep and cattle at the end of a muddy road, some 40 miles from Madrid. continue reading »

Restaurant in Spain Finds Unusual Way Around the Smoking Ban: A Smoking Van (VIDEO)

"La Abadía" Restaurant in Nigrán, Pontevedra has parked a white van on the street directly in front of the shop, and loaded it with a table an enough chairs to fit six comfortable smokers inside. continue reading »

New Salvador Dalí Museum Opens in St. Petesburg, Florida (VIDEO)

Today in St. Petesburg, Florida the New Dalí Museum is having it's inaugural, a facility that holds 96 oil paintings, hundreds of watercolors, acrylics, etchings, sculptures and other pieces of art from the surrealist genius, the largest collection of Dalí works outside of Spain. continue reading »

Catholic Youth Group Promotes Racy Calendar Depicting the Passion of Christ

A Roman Catholic youth group in Mallorca Spain has come up with a unique fundraising idea that seems to be going well. The youth posed scantly clad for a calendar recreating scenes from the Passion of Christ. continue reading »

Spain’s State Network to Stop Broadcasting Bullfights

Today Spain’s State Network, RTVE said that it will no longer broadcast Spain’s centuries old tradition of bullfighting. The ban is placed to protect children from viewing violence. continue reading »

Smoking Ban in Spain: Bars Obey, Hospitals Don’t

Since midnight of last Sunday, Spain became a smoke free country by law. In general terms, bars and restaurants succeeded in getting the smokers outdoors, but pretty much every other place where smokers convene saw the new rule get implemented with little success, and much opposition. continue reading »