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Tag Results for "Spain News"

Ancient Cave Art Discovered in Spain Could Be From Neanderthals

Scientists believe cave paintings discovered in Spain could be the work of Neanderthals, our closest prehistoric relatives, who lived throughout Europe and Asia until about 30,000 years ago. "This currently is Europe’s oldest dated art, by at least 4,000 years,” says Alistair Pike of the University of Bristol in England. continue reading »

Mexico and Spain Feud Over Tourist Restrictions

The Mexican government will not impose restrictions on Spanish tourists in response to the measures Madrid has applied to Mexicans, Foreign Relations Secretary Patricia Espinosa said. continue reading »

Spanish Man Found Dead in Home 20 Years After Death

The body of a man was only recently found in the northwestern Spanish village of Canizal, though he may have been dead for up to 20 years. continue reading »

Amid Crisis Luis Maria Linde Named Spain’s New Central Bank Chief

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's government named a new governor of Spain's central bank on Thursday, entrusting him with overseeing the continued restructuring of the nation's troubled financial sector. continue reading »

Spanish Officials Deny Asking Germany for Bailout

The Spanish government denied on Sunday that any "pressure" is being exerted by German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble on Economy Minister Luis de Guindos to get Spain to ask the European financial stability fund for money to shore up the Spanish banking sector, while Berlin reiterated its confidence in the measures that Madrid is taking to deal with its fiscal woes. continue reading »

Four Spanish Children Amongst 19 Victims in Qatar Fire

Three of the four Spanish children killed in a fire Monday at a daycare center in a mall in Doha were the children of an executive of Spanish construction company OHL who works in Qatar, company spokesmen told Efe. continue reading »

Spain’s Teide Observatory -Europe’s Largest Solar Telescope- Inaugurated

Europe's largest solar telescope was inaugurated Monday at Teide Observatory on the Spanish island of Tenerife, from where it will help researchers observe and better understand the activities of the Sun and also those of the majority of stars in the universe. continue reading »

‘Cousin’ of Giant Panda Is a ‘Spaniard’

Spanish scientists from Spain’s National Museum of Natural Sciences and the University of Valencia have discovered a new ursid fossil species in the region of Zaragoza, Spain. continue reading »

Spanish Company and Gov’t Expect Compensation From Bolivia

The Spanish government and Spain-based power utility Red Electrica de España say they expect President Evo Morales' administration will provide fair compensation for the REE unit nationalized by Bolivia, a move officials in Madrid say is not linked to Argentina's expropriation of oil firm YPF. continue reading »

With Unemployment in Spain at 24%, Grandma Gets Evicted and Chains Herself to Bank

A 76-year-old grandmother who lost her home to debt chained herself to the gate of Spain's central bank here Monday and asked Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to address the "injustices" affecting many people in the Iberian nation. Angeles Belmonte was evicted five months ago from her home in the southern town of Nijar when her son fell behind on a loan she co-signed. continue reading »

Jobless Rate in Spain Climbs Above 24 Percent

The ranks of Spain's unemployed expanded by nearly 366,000 in the first quarter to a record 5.63 million, or 24.44 percent of the workforce, the government said Friday. continue reading »

S&P Cuts Spain’s Credit Rating to BBB+

Standard & Poor's on Thursday reduced its long-term sovereign credit rating on Spain by two notches, from A to BBB+, expressing concern about the country's large volume of debt and shrinking economy. continue reading »

Mother of Singer Alejandro Sanz, Maria Pizarro, Passes Away in Spain

Maria Pizarro, mother of singer Alejandro Sanz, died in her native Alcala de los Gazules, officials in the southern Spanish town told Efe on Friday. They said Pizarro passed away in the family home at about 11:00 p.m. continue reading »

Spanish Technology Brings ‘Robocop’ to Life

Using Spain’s Ex-Sight Technology, police officers and other security personnel will now have superhuman powers. Using this new technology, police will be able to scan 100,000 faces per second, continue reading »

Spanish King Juan Carlos Breaks Hip on Elephant Hunting Trip in Africa

Spain’s King Juan Carlos broke his hip during a trip in Africa. The royal palace released the statement on Saturday, confirming that it was an accidental fall during a private trip in Botswana. The AFP reports that the palace said that the 74-year-old king underwent surgery. Spanish media has been reporting that he was in Botswana on an elephant hunting trip, but the palace did not confirm that. continue reading »

Greenpeace Launches Cyber Campaign Urging Spain to Ban Coastal Drilling

Greenpeace on Friday launched a cyber campaign to urge Spain's minister of industry, energy and tourism, Jose Manuel Soria, to ban oil and natural gas drilling in coastal areas. continue reading »

13-Year Old Spanish Royal Accidentally Shoots Himself in Royal Palace

A grandson of Spain's King Juan Carlos was taken to a Madrid clinic after he accidentally shot himself in the right foot with a shotgun at the family residence in Soria, the Royal Palace said. continue reading »

21 Percent Increase in Number of Spanish Businesses Filing for Bankruptcy

More than 1,600 Spanish firms declared insolvency in the first quarter, a rise of 21 percent over the same period in 2011, PricewaterhouseCoopers said Monday in a report based on official data. continue reading »

Madrid Prostitutes Withholding Sex Favors from Spanish Bankers, Until They Approve More Loans

While the banks of Spain withhold credit availability to Spanish families and small businesses, the capital’s high class escorts will be withholding their own sought after services. continue reading »

Council Opposes Oil Search off Coast of Spain’s Canary Islands

Elected officials in the Canary Islands plan to ask Spain's Supreme Court to block plans for oil exploration in the Spanish archipelago off the coast of Africa. continue reading »