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Tag Results for "Spain Austerity"

Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy in Germany for 24th German-Spanish Summit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday welcomed Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to Berlin, where the two leaders are presiding over the 24th German-Spanish bilateral summit. continue reading »

Spanish Government Looks for Cost-Cutting in Its Diplomatic Offices

Spain's foreign minister said Monday that he is open to sharing diplomatic, trade and cultural offices abroad with Latin American countries under certain circumstances. continue reading »

Spanish Population Grows by 6 Million in 10 Years, Driven by Foreigners Migrating to Country

The Spanish population grew by 6 million people over the last decade (2001-2011) to reach 46.8 million inhabitants, largely due to the number of foreigners living in Spain, a segment that has tripled in that period to a total of 5.2 million. continue reading »

UPDATE: Migrant Boat from Morocco to Spain Sinks, 14 Dead and 4 Missing

The flimsy craft that went down in Mediterranean waters en route from Morocco to Spain was carrying 35 migrants, not the 71 mentioned by one of the survivors, the Moroccan Human Rights Association said Thursday. continue reading »

Bill Clinton Meets with King Juan Carlos, Says He’s Confident Spanish Economy will Recover

U.S. President Bill Clinton told Spain's King Juan Carlos Sunday that he was confident Spain will get through the economic crisis during a meeting in New York at which the pair discussed the latest outbreak of violence in Muslim countries and the upcoming U.S. election. continue reading »