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Tag Results for "South Park"

New Samsung Galaxy S4 Has ‘Stop a Mexican’ Ringtone – Is that Really Necessary?

The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone apparently has something for everyone including a ringtone celebrating ‘stopping Mexicans’ before they entering the country illegally. continue reading »

Selena Gómez Gets Beat up On “South Park” (VIDEO)

As it turns out, Eric Cartman is not a fan of Selena Gómez. In the latest episode, South Park Elementary teachers bring in Selena Gomez, and beat her up for Cartman, in repayment for a favor. continue reading »

WATCH South Park’s “Butters” as Mexican Worker “Mantequilla” (VIDEO)

Take a peek into South Park’s latest episode “The Last of the Meheecans,” mocking America’s declining illegal immigration. continue reading »