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Tag Results for "South America"

Catholic Majority Uruguay Approves Same-Sex Marriage

The Latin American country of Uruguay has approved same sex marriage, becoming the second country in the region to do so. continue reading »


The Uruguayans defeated Paraguay 3-0 and became the best Soccer Team in Latin América! continue reading »

Study: Most Central & South American Frog Species Extinct or Disappearing

More than a hundred researchers from 21 nations ran a five month long project looking to confirm whether any of 100 amphibian species believed to be extinct are still alive. continue reading »

Starbuck’s Comes to Central America - Is that a Good or Bad Thing?

How will Starbuck’s coffee do in the very region it gets its ‘coffee’ from? That is a question that will soon be answered as Starbuck’s opened it door to its first Central American store this month. continue reading »

18 South American Countries Create Landmark Policy to Protect Refugee Rights

The United Nations refugee agency yesterday welcomed a landmark declaration by 18 South American countries to protect refugees continue reading »

La Niña Weather will Continue to Effect Latin America Resulting in More Floods and Droughts

The La Niña weather pattern is likely to continue and may strengthen over the next four to six months, potentially bringing abnormal conditions to widely separate areas of the world, from floods to droughts to below or above normal temperatures, the United Nations weather agency has reported. continue reading »

CNN en Español Gets Make Over

CNN en Español is revamping its look, programming and outreach to increase its U.S. audience. Over the next nine months the show will get a new logo and slogan “Vive La Noticia, Live the News” and add several new programs to its line up that include: continue reading »

Ecuadoran Bus Crash in Highlands Leaves 38 Death, Many others Injured

A passenger bus traveling through the highlands of Ecuador enroute to Quito crashed early Sunday morning killing 38 passengers and leaving many others injured. continue reading »