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Tag Results for "Soccer News"

Sevilla Soccer Team Features Fans Faces on their Jerseys

Sevilla soccer club is presenting fans with the possibility of buying a small square within the number on their favorite player’s jersey --for little under $35. continue reading »

Barça Defeats Milan and Is Leader of ‘Group H’ In the Champions League (VIDEO)

With goals by Messi, Xavi and a self-goal by Van Brommel, Barça, the best soccer team in the world beat Milan 2-3 and leads its group in the Champions League. continue reading »

Is Real Madrid’s Newest Superstar a 7-yr Old Argentinean Named Leo Coira?

Soccer champions Real Madrid wants to continue being the most successful club in Spanish football history so they have signed a player that has never played for anyone else before. Confused? Well who can make sense of the team signing 7-year old Argentinean Leo Angel Coira, known as Leo. continue reading »

Brazilian Corinthians up Bid for Manchester City Captain Carlos Tevez

After a bid earlier this week for the Argentinean Striker failed at approx $56 Million, a new bid has gone in at approx. $63 Million, but City is believed to want more like $80.6 Million. continue reading »

Foul Scheme Fails for Smart Ass Chilean Soccer Player (VIDEO)

Number 7, Brian Carrasco, a Sub-20 Chilean Soccer Player tried to fool the referee by using an opponent's hand to slap himself to the ground. continue reading »

Could This Little Dirty Secret of Ronaldo’s be True?

The “Phenomenon,” who retired last week apparently tried to put his illness-induced bodyweight problem on check, using Xenical, a weight control pill with accelerated evacuation side-effects. continue reading »

Soccer Legend Ronaldo Retires with a Tearful Goodbye (VIDEO)

Soccer legend Ronaldo retires. “I came today to say that I’m closing my career as a professional player. It was a beautiful career, wonderful, exciting. I had many defeats, many victories. I made many friends and I don’t remember making any enemies.” said Ronaldo, his voice cracking at a press release in Sao Paulo. continue reading »

Money Money

Soy muy respetuoso del bolsillo ajeno y quiero evitar entrar en el juego de las comparaciones que, en el caso puntual de los futbolistas de ahora y de antes, no conduce a ninguna parte continue reading »

Futballer Wife Murdered on Her Honeymoon, Three Hotel Employees Charged

The brutal and tragic killing of Michaela Harte McAreavey in Mauritius has been solved when three hotel workers were charged, thereby removing any suspicion that might have been cast on her futballer husband. continue reading »

Spanish Soccer Team Kneels For the First Minute of Game Play in Protest (VIDEO)

The players from the Real Jaén team drop to their knees for the first minute of their game last Sunday against Lucena in a protest against the club owner Mr. Carlos Sánchez, and the fact that he hasn't paid them four months worth of salaries. continue reading »

Cristiano Ronaldo and his Tumultuous Baby Deal

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo surprised the world last summer when he announced he had become a father. Now his baby's momma, wants her bundle of joy back. continue reading »

Pineda Called to U-18 Men’s National Team for Israel Tourney

The U.S. U-18 Men’s National Team is set to travel to Tel Aviv for a three-game tournament that will also feature host Israel, Germany and France from Dec. 10-18. The U.S. will play Germany on Dec. 13, France on Dec. 14 and Israel on Dec. 16. continue reading »