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Tag Results for "Smoking"

Increase of Exercise Can Help Teens Quit Smoking

A recent study proves that taking a short walk can encourage teen smokers to quit smoking. Time reported that scientists from George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services discovered that teens who increased their physical activity by a measly twenty minutes did not smoke as much. continue reading »

Government Halts Graphic Cigarette Label Campaign

The government has recently decided to drop its campaign for graphic labels on cigarette cartons warning of the dangers of smoking. The images feature people who suffer from lung cancer and other diseases. continue reading »

Pumping Iron Helps Smokers Quit Without Weight Gain: Study

Those who lifted weights regularly were twice as likely to kick the habit, researchers found. Would-be ex-smokers may want to try weight lifting to help them kick the habit for good, a new study suggests. continue reading »

Puerto Rican Women Most Likely to Be Smokers

According to the American Lung Association, Puerto Rican women are the most likely Latinas to become heavy smokers. “Puerto Rican women are nearly twice as likely to smoke as women of other Hispanic groups,” said the association. continue reading »