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Tag Results for "Silicon Valley"

10 Tech Projects Featured at Mexico’s Campus Party Are Heading to Silicon Valley

Ten projects participating in the 4th Campus Party held in the Mexican capital will soon make it to Silicon Valley, the California home of such high-tech enterprises as Apple and Google. continue reading »

Overwhelming Majority of Venture Capitalists are White Men, Though Minorities Rising

A recent CNN report found that the majority of venture capitalists are white men, and though attention was drawn to the topic, it is hard to figure out exactly why African-American and Latino venture capitalists in particular seem to be few and fall between, despite small advancements being made by Asians and women. continue reading »

Silcon Valley Tech Companies Asked to Hire More Minorities

In Silicon Valley, high tech firms like Google are being accused of not hiring enough minorities. Three non-profit groups protested Google because they would not share a breakdown of their employment records to determine the percentage of minorities that currently work there. continue reading »