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Tag Results for "Sharron Angle"

Tough Stances On Immigration Didn’t Help Everyone’s Campaign

While riding the “anti-immigration wave” worked out for Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, it didn’t do the same for campaigns across the board. In Nevada, Harry Reid beat out Sharron Angle (R). In Colorado, Tom Tancredo lost to John Hickenlooper, and Jerry Brown took California over Meg Whitman. continue reading »

They Said What? Most Notable Quotables of the 2010 Election Year

Take a look at the Most Notable Quotables and Anti-Latino Rhetoric of the 2010 election year. The topic of immigration has given voters a long list of notable one-liners, and quizzical quotes to chose from but the following twelve have out done themselves to rise to the (completely outrageous) top continue reading »

Harry Reid and Tea Party Darling Sharron Angle in Razor-Close Race

Despite Obama making several trips to Nevada to rally support for Harry Reid, anti- Washington ire leaves Reid in danger on Tuesday. If Reid looses, he will be the first US Senate majority leader in 58 years to be voted out by home-state voters. continue reading »

We Need the Recently Departed Paul the Octopus to Predict the Nevada Race

Paul is dead, and this time we're not talking about the left handed Beatle. Check out our hypothesis on what killed the fabled oracle mollusk. continue reading »

ELECTION: Is Nevada’s Sharron Angle a Racist? You Decide. (VIDEO)

Sharron Angle, in an attempt to slander Harry Reid, has gone a step further. Many claim Angle's ads are a clear-cut case of racism, as she attempted to demonize an entire American ethnic group not just her opponent. continue reading »

LULAC and NALEO Condemn Latino Voter Suppression Efforts for November

The League of United Latin American Citizens, Statement- A cynical ad funded by the conservative group Latinos for Reform is running a new Spanish language ad in Nevada and California encouraging Latinos not to vote in the upcoming elections. LULAC and other Latino organizations are outraged over these ads and applaud Univision for declining to run the ad. continue reading »

Nevada Latinos Urged Not to Vote by Republican Special Interest Group on Univision Ads (VIDEO)

Here is the English version of an ad now pulled by Univision television that is telling the Hispanic electorate not to vote to punish the Democrats for not coming through on their promises to take up immigration reform. continue reading »

Sharron Angle has Not Only Offended Hispanic Children but All Hispanic Icons the World Over

As the storm rages around Republican Senatorial candidate Sharron Angle's comments other Hispanic super stars are joining in on the debate, see below. The controversy started when Angle visited the Rancho High School that is predominantly Hispanic. continue reading »