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Tag Results for "Sex"

NM Trooper & Dog Involved in Trooper-Sex-On-Car Case IDed. Both Latinos.

Officer Bert López has been named as the officer who was photographed having sex in full uniform, while the doggie watching has been IDed as being a Chihuahua. continue reading »

WANTED: Chihuahua, Only Eye Witness to NM Trooper Having Public Sex With Uniform On!!

Chihuahua, marmota, ardilla, whatever that furry mammal is, it’s sitting on an exclusive story. What is the scoop with that Albuquerque cop doing it on the side of the road? continue reading »

Spanish Collector Selling a Possible Marilyn Monroe Sex-Tape (VIDEO)

A Spanish collector is seeking to put the 8mm film of the platinum blond star having sex for auction. continue reading »

Kalimba Accused of Raping Ex Girlfriend and her 5 Year-old Girl

The Musician denies the accusations brought forth by Kimberly de la Campa, his former fiancée. continue reading »