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Tag Results for "Senate Majority Leader"

Sen. Vitter Blocks Pay Raise for Secretary Salazar Until Gulf Drilling Permits Issued

Louisiana Sen. David Vitter (R) has said that he will block the pay raise for President Obama‚Äôs Secretary of the Interior, until the Interior Department allows more access to of drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. continue reading »

Former Senator Majority Leader of Puerto Rico Sentenced to 5 Yrs in Prison for Extortion

Jorge De Castro Font, 47, a former senate majority leader in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, was sentenced today to 60 months in prison after pleading guilty to 20 counts of honest services wire fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit extortion, continue reading »

Harry Reid and Tea Party Darling Sharron Angle in Razor-Close Race

Despite Obama making several trips to Nevada to rally support for Harry Reid, anti- Washington ire leaves Reid in danger on Tuesday. If Reid looses, he will be the first US Senate majority leader in 58 years to be voted out by home-state voters. continue reading »