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Tag Results for "Sebastian Pinera"

CHILE: Conservatives Struggle to Select a Presidential Candidate

Chilean President Sebastian Piñera on Monday accepted the resignation of Labor Minister Evelyn Matthei, who is stepping down in the hope of becoming the rightist governing coalition's presidential candidate in the Nov. 17 election. continue reading »

Chile Hires Psychic to Locate Plane Crash Victims (VIDEO)

The government of Sebastián Piñera has organized a giant search party to find the bodies of the 21 victims of the weekend’s plane crash and Defense Minister Andrés Allamand said all “human and superhuman” resources available were being used to find victims and that includes hiring a psychic. continue reading »

Chile Prepares for 1st Anniversary of San José de Copiapó Mine Collapse

A mass and the inauguration of an exhibition in Atacama will mark the first anniversary of the collapse of the San José Mine in Chile. continue reading »

ANONYMOUS Calls for a Massive Cyber-Attack in Support of Chile Students

The “MalEducados” cyber-operation follows several weeks of student protests in Chile, offering them online support for their cause. Anonymous, who is behind the cyber-operation, is calling for global hacker support tomorrow at 10 am. to support student protesting for better access to education. They have been protesting for several months. continue reading »

ERIC ROBERTS: “I Will Play Sebastián Piñera to the Bone”

The prolific actor will walk a mile in the Chilean President’s shoes for the upcoming miner film “Miracle Underground” continue reading »