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Tag Results for "School System"

Denver To Begin Bilingual Education Program For Immigrants

Leaders of the Denver Public Schools and the Congress of Hispanic Educators unanimously approved Friday an agreement on modifying a nearly 30-year-old plan for teaching English to immigrant students. continue reading »

Hispanic Access Foundation Helping More Latinos Get Into College

With Latinos now making up nearly a quarter of the 18-and-under population in the country and projected to grow, the importance of promoting and expanding post-secondary opportunities for them has become a critical need. As part of this effort, Hispanic Access Foundation (HAF) has made education one of its four core priorities and will be participating in New Futuro's College Prep Fairs. continue reading »

Los Angeles Schools Hoping to Re-enroll Dropouts

The Los Angeles Unified School District held its fifth annual Student Recovery Day on Friday, hoping to coax high school dropouts into returning to the classroom. continue reading »

English Language Learners to Receive Extra Care from Arizona

The Arizona Department of Education must provide targeted help to tens of thousands of English Language Learner students who were passed out of ELL programs before they were ready, the U.S. Justice Department said Friday. continue reading »

Students of Color Still Receiving Unequal Education

When it comes to spending on the education of our children, students of color are being shortchanged, according to the Center for American Progress’s latest education report, “Unequal Education: Federal Loophole Enables Lower Spending on Students of Color.” continue reading »

Help Your Kids with Their Homework With These Tips

There are many things you can do to help your kids start the school year on the right track, like replacing an old backpack or getting them the school supplies they need. But there's something more meaningful you can do that may not cost money: help them with their homework. continue reading »

Technology and Curriculum Unite to Improve Young Latino Students’ Reading Skills

LULAC National Education Service Centers, Inc. (LNESC) and the Verizon Foundation celebrated the successful launch of an innovative education pilot program called Young Readers & Early Adopters, which aims to improve reading and comprehension for K-2nd grade students in low-income Latino communities. continue reading »

Brazilian Teacher Surrenders After Running Away With 14 year old- After Her Family Attacks Him

A teacher handed himself over to police in the southern Brazilian city of Alvorada after two days on the run with a 14-year-old student with whom he had apparently been romantically involved for several months. The teacher showed up Sunday morning at the girl's home to return her to her parents and then headed for the police station, but before he could get there the student's relatives attacked the 46-year-old educator. continue reading »

Judge Bars State Intervention in Tucson Desegregation Case

A Tucson federal court barred the State of Arizona from intervening in an ongoing school desegregation case involving discrimination against Latino students by the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD). continue reading »

University in Denver Lowers Tuition for Undocumented Students

Starting in August, the Metropolitan State College of Denver will authorize lower tuitions for certain undocumented students. continue reading »

Innovative Program for Latino Students: 100 Role Models in 100 Hours

A tried and tested role model program for Hispanic middle school students will begin in San Antonio, Texas with an initiative to recruit 100 role models in 100 hours. The HISPA Role Model Bureau, a national non-profit organization that provides professional Hispanic role models for young students, is hosting a recruiting event on May 25 at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). continue reading »

Expert Recognizes Issues in Puerto Rican Bilingual Education Program

The academic director of Spain's Cervantes Institute noted here the problems involved in establishing public bilingual education in Puerto Rico, where Spanish is the mother tongue of the vast majority. continue reading »

Jose Luis Orozco Ramos Using Songs to Educate and Enhance Latino Pride (VIDEO)

Jose Luis Orozco Ramos is a musician who is promoting bilingual education in the United States through popular songs and more than 1,000 school districts are using his method to help immigrant students. "More than ever it involves using the traditions that come from centuries of songs, games, lullabies, tongue-twisters, rhymes," Orozco told Efe. continue reading »

Limited Preschool Access Dims Success for Latino Children-And California’s Future

Gabriela Ramos had hardly knocked when four-year-old Fátima Martínez opened the front door of her family's home and ushered in her preschool instructor. continue reading »

Culturally Responsive Teaching Model to Expand in Chicago & Suburbs

Students’ academic achievement and social development grew from a curriculum that uses culture as the foundation for literacy and fine arts instruction—according to a three-year independent study conducted by nonprofit Changing Worlds and its research partner, Loyola University’s Center for Urban Research continue reading »

Number of Hispanics with College Degrees Soars 80 pct

The number of U.S. Hispanics with a bachelor's degree or higher increased by 80 percent between 2001 and 2011, from 2.1 million to 3.8 million, the Census continue reading »