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Tag Results for "School Bullying"

Health Tip: Is Your Child Being Cyberbullied?

Here are possible warning signs. Cyberbullying involves harassing, threatening or embarrassing young people through the use of technology, such as computers (especially Facebook) or cell phones continue reading »

Bullying’s Scars May Last a Lifetime, Experts Say

Bullying's Scars May Last a Lifetime, Experts Say. Because millions of kids in the United States are affected by bullying, some people may shrug it off as just a part of growing up. But experts warn that it should be treated as a serious issue and not accepted as normal childhood behavior. continue reading »

In 2010, 190 Mexico City Youth Took Their Lives After Being Bullied

A foundation out of Mexico City has stated that at least 190 youths from the city took their own lives in 2010. Mexico’s Movement Foundation (MF) director Trixia Valle told those attending Mexico’s Citizen Council for Public Security and Law Enforcement that the majority of these young people took their lives after being bullied at school. continue reading »