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Tag Results for "Sb 1070"

The Most Racist Organization - Behind SB1070 (VIDEO)

The United States Supreme Court is hearing arguments in Arizona v. United States, the Obama administration's challenge to Arizona's anti-immigration law, SB1070. What they won't be hearing is what a continue reading »

Five Things to Know About the Supreme Court Hearing Arguments on Arizona SB1070

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Arizona v. United States, the long-anticipated dispute over the legality of SB 1070. More than any case in recent history, the dispute raises fundamental questions about the role of states in the enforcement of federal immigration law. continue reading »

Bipartisan Former State & Defense Dept Officials Warn Justices That SB 1070 Harms Foreign Policy

For decades, the Supreme Court has understood that our Constitution does not allow the fifty different states to set their own immigration policy, and for good continue reading »

Arizona Working to Arm Volunteer Militia to Monitor Mexican Border

Arizona is moving closer to establishing an armed volunteer militia to monitor the state's border with Mexico, an initiative that concerns civil rights defenders. continue reading »

In Az., Push to Revive Mexican Midwifery

Marinah Valenzuela Farrell is one of only a few licensed midwives in Arizona. Though it isn’t a profitable venture, helping mothers bring their newborn children into this continue reading »

Federal Judge to Hear Arguments on S. Carolina Anti-Immigrant Bill SB 20

A federal judge on Monday will hear arguments for and against South Carolina's tough new immigration law while pro-immigrant groups gather and pray that the measure will not enter into force on Jan. 1. In a courtroom in the federal courthouse in Charleston, Judge Richard Gergel, continue reading »

After Kicking Out Anti-Immigrant Sen. Pearce, Arizonans Set Sights on Sheriff Arpaio

A group of Arizona residents who promoted the recall of Republican Sen. Russell Pearce, the chief architect of the state's harsh anti-immigration law, now aims to thwart the reelection of controversial Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. continue reading »

Certain Republican Politicans Urging a Balanced Approach to Immigration

Republican office-holders, business leaders and law enforcement officials from Arizona, Utah and Georgia made an appeal Thursday for practical and fair solutions to the problem of illegal immigration. continue reading »

Arizona Recall Election Kicks SB 1070 Author Russell Pearce Out of Office

Controversial Arizona legislator Russell Pearce is now without a job after the recall election meant to kick him out of office succeeded. The now-former Arizona Senator Pearce lost the continue reading »

Legal Fund for Arizona’s SB 1070 Sees Donations from Across U.S., but Not Much From Arizona

When Arizona’s controversial immigration law SB 1070 caught the public’s attention, the state had to defend itself against the law’s passing in a court of law against those who claimed it was racist and unfair. continue reading »

Pearce Supporters Created “Sham” Candidate for Arizona’s Recall Election Against Him

Last week, Olivia Cortes withdrew from Arizona’s Legislative District 18 recall election of controversial Senate President Russell Pearce. She has since faced questions from those who continue reading »

Carlos Santana Returns to Arizona for Concert, Again States his Distaste for SB 1070

In May, Carlos Santana publicly lashed out against Arizona’s controversial immigration law known as SB 1070 and other states that were passing or attempting to pass similar laws saying they were continue reading »

States Submit Record Number of Immigration Bills During 2011 Session

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, a bipartisan research groups, a record number of immigration bills were submitted in during the 2011 legislative session – ended June 30. continue reading »

One Year Later, States Draw Back from SB 1070 Legislation

A year after SB 1070 took effect, states nationwide are turning away from similar bills, fearing the financial and political fallout seen in Arizona and the consequences that anti-immigrant legislation could have in their own backyards. “Arizona was a wake up call for other states,” said Elena Lacayo, field coordinator with the Immigration Policy Project at the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the nation’s largest advocacy group for Hispanics. continue reading »

Report: 100,000 Fewer Hispanics in Arizona Than Before SB 1070 Was Signed Last Year

According to a BBVA Bancomer report, there are 100,000 fewer Hispanics in Arizona than their were at the start of 2010, when the controversial immigration bill SB 1070 was signed into law. continue reading »

Wi Rep Introduces Arizona Style Immigration Bill

A Wisconsin state Republican legislator has introduced a bill that would mirror some of the tough enforcement measures of Arizona's controversial Immigration bill. continue reading »

Anti-Immigrant Laws Fuel Private Prison System (VIDEO)

Immigrants are for sale in this country. Sold to private prison corporations who are locking them up for obscene profits! continue reading »

The State of Arizona Decides to Take their SB 1070 Appeal Directly to the US Supreme Court

Gov Jan Brewer has decided to take the state of Arizona's case to the US Supreme Court. Brewer is seeking the courts opinion on whether US District Judge Susan Bolton acted correctly when she issued her injunction in continue reading »

Arizona Tries to Raise Even More Money, This Time For Additional Border Fencing

Arizona officials are looking for donations to build additional fencing along its border with Mexico, despite the federal government’s opinion that more is unnecessary. continue reading »

American Immigration Council Hails Decision Enjoining Enforcement of Arizona’s SB 1070

The American Immigration Council applauds yesterday’s decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit upholding a preliminary injunction against the key provisions of Arizona’s SB 1070. continue reading »