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Tag Results for "Sarah Palin"

George Lopez: If Palin Becomes President, I’ll Leave the U.S. (VIDEO)

On Tuesday’s “Piers Morgan Tonight Show” the funny man said if Palin moves to the White House, he’ll move to Canada. continue reading »

Palin Buys “Place to Thaw Out” in Scottsdale Arizona

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has purchased a new 1.7 million dollar home in Scottsdale, Az. Her recent purchase of the 8,000-sq.-ft., six-bedroom house has prompted much speculation. continue reading »

‘One Nation’ Sarah Palin Disses DREAM Act at the Footsteps of Ellis Island (VIDEO)

Sarah Pallin’s ‘One Nation’ bus tour or Alaska’s version of RV travel with out a map, stopped in New York at the Statute of Liberty. As she continues to proclaim this traveling fiasco is not political or presidential she did make time to diss DREAMers and the DREAM Act. continue reading »

Sarah Palin’s Trademark Application Denied:  Not Why You Think, She Forgot to Sign Application

As had been reported last week former Vice Presidential candidate and conservative ‘duh’ darling Sarah Palin and her now-taut looking daughter Bristol Palin, filed a trademark application to protect their names, images and brand. continue reading »

JesusHatesObama.com Nixed as Super Bowl Ad by FOX – What do You Think?

The Fox Network, home of Bill O’Reilly and Sarah Palin, has nixed its first Super Bowl commercial for February 6, 2011, which mixes, Jesus, Obama and capitalism. continue reading »

Pundits Explaining America’s Sarah Palin Fascination: ‘She’s Snooki!’

Political pundits are always trying to figure why America is so fascinated with Sarah Palin and spend alot of time analyzing her every move. Yesterday MSNBC's Morning Joe team was discussing Palin's 'blood libel' continue reading »

GOP Rhetoric of “Crosshairs” and “Don’t retreat. RELOAD” Has to Stop

It is clear that Sarah Palin was in no way associated with Saturday’s event, but the killings are drawing focus on the language that is fuelling the current climate of hate. "Crosshairs" is a political phrase that Sarah Palin’s political action committee used to target the congressional districts for the TEA Party last election. One of the districts highlighted was the district of Rep. Gabby Giffords. continue reading »

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Father Identifies “Whole Tea Party” as Enemies of His Daughter

As U.S. Rep Gabrielle Giffords clings to life after surviving a close range shot to her temple and while 6 others died, 12 wounded in a shooting rampage, questions are being asked as to why. continue reading »

Americans’ Most Admired People Include: Obama, Hillary, Sarah Palin, Pope and Queen Elizabeth

Gallup annual year-end poll identifying Americans’ most admired people did not contain many surprises except for maybe Glenn Beck being more admired than the Dalai Lama or that Sarah Palin is admired more than Michelle Obama, Queen Elizabeth and Angelina Jolie COMBINED. continue reading »

Bristol Palin Moving to Maricopa, Arizona-Close to Other Local Celeb Anti-Immigrant Sheriff Arpaio

The 20 year-old daughter of the former governor of Alaska and current reality star Sarah Palin, has purchased a house in Maricopa, Arizona. The former Dancing with the Stars continue reading »

Is It Time to be Afraid of Sarah Palin?

I have long avoided bashing, talking about or even acknowledging Sarah Palin - with so many loquitas in my familia - I have a kind of empathy for her. And when you have a loquita mixed with a tonta factor then in my book they are hands off. continue reading »