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Tag Results for "Same Sex Marriage"

Chicago Cardinal Pulls Funding From Immigration Groups For Supporting Same-Sex Marriage

Chicago Cardinal Francis George has pulled funding from a coalition of immigration groups that support same-sex marriage in Illinois, according to a Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) statement released last week. continue reading »

Cardinal George- Legislation Creating “Same-Sex” Marriage: What’s at Stake?

At the beginning of the New Year, 2013, a law is being proposed in the General Assembly to change the legal definition of marriage in Illinois to accommodate those of the same sex who wish to “marry” one another. In this discussion, the Church will be portrayed as “anti-gay,” which is a difficult position to be in, particularly when families and the Church herself love those of their members who are same-sex oriented. What’s at stake in this legislative proposal and in the Church’s teaching on marriage? continue reading »

Candidate for Puerto Rican Governor Opposes Same-Sex Marriage

The main opposition candidate for governor of Puerto Rico, Alejandro Garcia Padilla, said Friday he is opposed to same-sex marriage. "I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. Having said that, it can't be used as an excuse to discriminat continue reading »

Gay Couple Arrested in Texas for Demanding Right to Marry; Face Elevated Charges

On July 5, Mark Jiminez and Beau Chandler applied for a marriage license they knew they’d never get. Texas, where the two men live, has a ban on same-sex marriages—and officials who issue licenses can face criminal charges. continue reading »

President Obama’s Latino Kryptonite Same-Sex Marriage?

Barack Obama is untouchable, at least in the Latino electorate. Two recent polls show his support among Latinos ranging from 70-80 percent. However, these polls took place before the President stated that his views on same- continue reading »

Brazil Becomes Sixth Latin American Country to Recognize Same Sex Civil Unions

Brazil became the largest country to recognize same sex civil unions this week. On Thursday, the Supreme Court unanimously voted to recognize same sex civil unions in an effort to promote equality and decrease violence against the gay population. continue reading »

Could Ricky Martin Be Seeking Spanish Nationality?

Several gossip sites say Ricky Martin is seeking to become a Spanish citizen, though nothing is confirmed. The star would be looking to move overseas and marry his boyfriend Carlos González. continue reading »