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Tag Results for "Salvador Allende"

Chile Tries to Rewrite Its History: Eliminates “Dictatorship” Term from School Curriculum

The public school curriculum of Chilean children in first through sixth grade will no longer include the term ‘dictatorship’. Now that word will be replace with the term ‘military regime’. continue reading »

Judge in Chile Looking for US Navy Man Connected to 1973 Killing of Americans

A Chilean judge is seeking the extradition of a retired U.S. Navy officer in connection with the deaths of two other Americans here in the wake of the 1973 military coup that brought Gen. Augusto Pinochet to power, court officials said Tuesday. continue reading »

Salvador Allende’s Cause of Death (Suicide) Now Certified With Autopsy

An autopsy has revealed the Chilean president died of two shots fired from an assault rifle, held between his legs. continue reading »

Chilean Authorities to Investigate the Death of Pablo Neruda

Following a complaint filed Tuesday by the Chilean Communist Party, Judge Mario Carrizosa has ordered an investigation. continue reading »

Remains of Chilean President Salvador Allende Exhumed: Suicide or Murder?

Remains of Chilean President Salvador Allende have been exhumed to determine once and for all was it Suicide or Murder? The remains of the socialist leader were exhumed Monday to try to determine whether he was killed or committed suicide. continue reading »