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Tag Results for "Salud Hispanico"

Obese People at Higher Risk of Infection After Colon Surgery

Study found they were 60% more likely to have problems at surgical site. Obese patients are at a significantly increased risk for surgical site infections after undergoing partial or full removal of the colon, a new study finds. continue reading »

WellPoint Foundation Awards $1 Mil to March of Dimes to Help Give More Babies a Healthy Start

14 States to Receive Grants for Local Health Programs. Pregnant women in 14 states will get access to a unique model of group prenatal care and education thanks to a $1 million grant from the WellPoint Foundation to the March of Dimes. continue reading »

Food Labels Are Serious Business

Taking the handling instructions on food labels seriously can go a long way toward keeping you and your family healthy. By contrast, ignoring the labels can lead to very serious illnesses. Here are some recent examples. continue reading »

Five Benefits of the New Health Care Law

Changes to the health care system affect everyone. Today, you can take advantage of five major benefits of the new health care law, and several other important provisions will go into effect by 2015. continue reading »

Power Your Summer Workouts With Honey

Fitness and Wellness Expert Barbara Trujillo Gomez shares energizing honey-based recipes and simple exercises to help you get fit. Warmer weather is on its way continue reading »

Desire to Please Parents Motivates Kids at School

But study of U.S. and Chinese students finds sense of obligation wanes as American children age. That means for Chinese kids, becoming a teenager doesn't mean rebelling or pulling away from family life, but becoming a more responsible member of it. continue reading »

Social Security Benefits Remain a Vital Source of Retirement Income for Latinos

New report by the University of Southern California (USC) Edward R. Roybal Institute on Aging underscores the importance of Social Security to Latinos. President of Mexico Felipe Calderon completed a successful trip to the United States this week that focused on environmental sustainability in Mexico and the importance of bilateral relations with the United States. continue reading »

Health Tip: Take Care to Avoid Burns

Practice kitchen safety. Nothing can spoil the fun of preparing your favorite recipe like burning yourself or a child in the process. The U.S. Home Safety Council suggests these kitchen safety continue reading »

Musicians Maintain Memory, Hearing as They Age

'Sound' training may help them hear speech in noisy settings, improve recall, research suggests. Music hath charms to protect the aging brain. continue reading »

What Hispanics Should Know About Colon Cancer

Colon or colorectal cancer is the second leading type of cancer among men and women of Latino descent. While males are slightly more likely to be diagnosed with colon cancer, women are also at risk. continue reading »

Los Investigadores Resaltan Factores de riesgo Claves para el Glaucoma

Incluso un aumento ligero en la presión dentro del ojo puede elevar las probabilidades de la enfermedad. Los investigadores aseguran que han determinado varios factores que podrían ser claves para el avance del glaucoma, una enfermedad de los ojos. continue reading »

Chronic Tylenol Use May Be Linked to Blood Cancer, Study Suggests

Taking it most days of the week for years might increase risk, researchers say. Those who take acetaminophen -- best known as Tylenol -- regularly for some time might be putting themselves at an increased risk for developing certain blood cancers, University of Washington researchers report. continue reading »

New Mammogram Guildlines May Put Minorities and Younger Women At Risk

Changes in the U.S.’s guidelines for mammography breast cancer screening has many worried that younger women and minorities may now be at risk, say two studies. continue reading »

Weight-Loss Surgery Seems No Riskier for Seniors

Study found few differences in adverse events, mortality, though hospital stay was longer. Seniors can undergo weight-loss surgery without any worse side effects than younger people experience, new research shows. continue reading »

New Mammogram Guildlines May Put Minorities and Younger Women At Risk

Changes in the U.S.’s guidelines for mammography breast cancer screening has many worried that younger women and minorities may now be at risk, say two studies. continue reading »

Latina Victims of Domestic Violence More Likely to Experience Postpartum Depression

Latinas who endure violence at the hands of a partner during or within a year of pregnancy are five times more likely to suffer postpartum depression than women who have not experienced such violence, according to a new study by researchers at the UCLA Center for Culture, Trauma and Mental Health Disparities. continue reading »

Cardiac Arrest Less Deadly in Exercise Facilities, Study Finds

50% of victims survived, compared with 36% in other indoor public places. You stand a better chance of survival if your heart stops beating while you're in an exercise facility than if you're in another type of indoor public place, a new study found. continue reading »

Are Clinical Trials for Me?

Most people don't know much about clinical trials, according to surveys across all races and groups. Yet many members of the Hispanic community fear and distrust doctors, continue reading »

Many Consumers Don’t Know What’s in Over-the-Counter Painkillers: Study

Lack of knowledge about active ingredients may up the risk of overdose, researchers say. Few Americans bother to read the labels on over-the-counter pain relievers, nor do they pay much attention to the drugs' ingredients, a new study says. continue reading »

Secondhand Smoke Boosts Boys’ Blood Pressure

Study finds it puts them at risk for hypertension later in life. Boys who are exposed to secondhand smoke tend to have higher blood pressure levels than other boys continue reading »