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Tag Results for "Salud Hispanico"

Study: Minorities Believe Bottled Water is Safer, Buy More

Poor minority parents are spending a sizeable chunk of their income on bottled water based on unfounded beliefs that it's safer, researchers say. A poll of 632 parents visiting an emergency departm continue reading »

Regular Exercise May Benefit the Brain as Well as the Body

Long-term aerobic activity helps preserve white matter needed for key brain functions, study finds. continue reading »

Depressed People Find It Hard to Stop Reliving Bad Times

But the research doesn't show if the negativity trap is a cause or an effect of the depression. A new study suggests that depressed people suffer from an inability to rid themselves of negative thoughts continue reading »

Healthy Babies Are Worth the Wait

Experts Discuss Importance of the Last Weeks of Pregnancy. Every week of pregnancy is crucial to a newborn's health, and today, the March of Dimes unveiled a new public education campaign continue reading »

Weight-Loss Surgery May Lower Risk of Alzheimer’s in Diabetics

Though not conclusive, study found lower levels of gene activity connected to dementia after gastric bypass. While the finding isn't conclusive, a new study suggests that weight-loss surgery continue reading »

Too Much Work, Food, Media May Be Hurting Health

Many would do better, physically and mentally, with less, expert says. America may be seen as a land of plenty, but some experts are beginning to believe that plenty may have become too much. continue reading »

Según un estudio, las IRM especiales podrían ayudar a diagnosticar el autismo

Según los investigadores, las imágenes revelan menos capacidad de respuesta en las áreas del lenguaje del cerebro. continue reading »

Colgate-Palmolive se une a la Asociación Dental Hispana para lanzar la campaña del “Mes de la Salu

La campaña será dirigida a las comunidades hispanas de los Estados Unidos para que se unan a la "lucha por cero caries" a través de chequeos dentales y educación sobre salud bucal gratis continue reading »

Los Videojuegos Violentos se han Relacionado con Aumento de Agresividad

Es el primer estudio en demostrar causa y efecto, dicen los investigadores. Los videojuegos violentos desencadenan agresividad entre las personas que los utilizan continue reading »

Help Your Children Eat Well During Summer Vacation

Involve your kids in the shopping and cooking for family meals, experts suggest. With summer vacation fast-approaching, parents should take an active role in promoting routine healthy eating among their kids, continue reading »

La cafeína puede interferir con la fertilidad en mujeres

El café y los refrescos de cola podrían impedir que los óvulos lleguen al útero, encuentra el estudio. Los investigadores señalaron que los hallazgos del estudio, publicado el 26 de mayo en la revista continue reading »

Athlete Scores Touchdown with Latino Children During Awareness Day for Improved Latino Mental Health

In a recent visit to Boston, New England Patriot tight-end, Aaron Hernandez, participated in two events to raise awareness of the need for more mental health providers to care for the Latino population continue reading »

California Companies Target Heart Disease, Cancer With More Than 240 Medicines in Development

At a time when cancer and heart disease are the nation’s and the world’s top killers, biopharmaceutical research companies headquartered in California are developing 243 of the 1,186 medicines in development for those dreaded diseases. continue reading »

Cómo Protegerse Contra Mordeduras de Perro

Muchas de las casi 5 millones de mordeduras anuales en EE.UU. son prevenibles, dicen los expertos. continue reading »

Simplemente Comer Menos Grasas Podría Reducir el Riesgo de Diabetes

Estudio define a los cambios dietéticos, no a la pérdida de peso, como el factor clave. Perder peso podría no ser necesario para reducir el riesgo de diabetes, expone un estudio reciente. continue reading »

Some Dentists Reluctant to Treat Kids on Medicaid: Study

Head of American Dental Association calls for better funding for public-assistance programs. Undercover research in Illinois reveals that dentists continue reading »

Younger Docs More Likely to Prescribe Drugs for Heart Disease: Study

But their patients are not better off than those of older docs who stress lifestyle changes. Older doctors are more likely to recommend lifestyle changes for patients with heart disease risk factors, continue reading »

Cuando las Embarazadas Fuman, el ADN del Bebé Podría Cambiar

Según un estudio, los hallazgos ayudan a explicar por qué algunos niños son más propensos a desarrollar asma y otras enfermedades. continue reading »

Springtime and the Sneezin’ Is Easy

Long, wet winter helped make this pollen season more miserable, experts say. "People often complain they have itching in the roof of their mouth or throat after eating these foods and they didn't know why," said Leija. continue reading »

States Sign On with Text4baby to Deliver Mobile Health Information to New & Expecting Mothers

Local and National Partners Unite to Improve Maternal and Infant Health One Text at a Time. Text4baby, the free mobile health service, is making it much easier for pregnant women and new moms to connect with the care they need. continue reading »