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Tag Results for "Salud Hispanico"

Study Links Writing Difficulties to ADHD

Kids with the condition 5 times more likely to have problems with spelling, writing than those without it. Children diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have a much higher risk of developing a written language disorder, a new study indicates. continue reading »

Menthol May Make It Tougher to Stop Smoking

Effect especially strong among blacks, Puerto Ricans, study finds. Menthol cigarettes make it more difficult for smokers to quit, especially blacks and Puerto Ricans, a new study indicates. continue reading »

Number of U.S. Kids With Public Health Insurance Rising

Fewer children uninsured, likely due to efforts to boost enrollment and retention in programs. The number of American children eligible for and enrolled in public health insurance programs increased between 2008 and 2009, a new study finds. continue reading »

Sniffer Dogs Spot Early Stage Lung Cancer: Study

Trained canines can tell tumor from COPD when smelling people's breath, researchers say. Trained sniffer dogs are able to detect lung cancer in its early stages, researchers have found. continue reading »

Health Tip: Using a Nasal Spray for Allergies

Suggestions for using it correctly. A nasal spray can help many allergy sufferers find relief from symptoms, but it's important that the spray be used correctly. The American Ac continue reading »

Many More Kids Hospitalized for Mental Illness: Study

Adult psychiatric admissions also increased, except among the elderly. Short-stay hospitalizations of children with mental illnesses surged between 1996 and 2007, while psychiatric admissions among the elderly declined in that period, according to a new study examining changing patterns in psychiatric hospitalization in the United States. continue reading »

For Men, ‘Culture of Honor’ Can Be Deadly

Mindset spurs risky behaviors and is most prevalent in U.S. South and West, study shows. Psychologists call it the "culture of honor," a mostly male mindset that places continue reading »

New Spanish-Language Guides Inform Decisions About Heart Disease and Other Illnesses

A free, illustrated easy-to-read pamphlet that compares drugs for preventing heart attacks, heart failure or strokes in people with stable coronary heart disease is one of six new Spanish-language publications from HHS' continue reading »

Puerto Ricans Smoking Menthol Cigarettes Have Hardest Time Quitting

According to a report published in the Journal of Preventative Medicine, those smoking menthol cigarettes have more difficulty quitting than those who smoke regular cigarettes, with Puerto Rican menthol smokers appearing to have the most difficulty. continue reading »

Religion Might Boost Happiness in Times of Stress

But study finds no such link in stable, peaceful societies. Religious people outnumber and are happier than atheists in societies facing hardship or conflict, a new study indicates. continue reading »

Getting Along With Coworkers May Add Years to Your Life

In study, people unhappy at work were more than twice as likely to die over a 20 year period. Good relationships with your co-workers and a convivial, supportive work environment may add years to your life, new Israeli research finds. continue reading »

Women Born After Great Depression Had More Children, Study Finds

They had more babies than generation before, after. American women born in 1935 had a higher average number of children than those born in 1910 or 1960, according to researchers who analyzed childbearing differences among three generations of women. continue reading »

Breast Cancer Drug Raises Risk of Heart Problems in Older Women: Study

Herceptin especially likely to raise the odds in patients with a history of heart disease or diabetes. The breast cancer drug Herceptin increases the risk of heart problems in elderly patients, especially those with a history of heart disease and/or diabetes, a new study says. continue reading »

Pumping Iron Helps Smokers Quit Without Weight Gain: Study

Those who lifted weights regularly were twice as likely to kick the habit, researchers found. Would-be ex-smokers may want to try weight lifting to help them kick the habit for good, a new study suggests. continue reading »

Nighttime-breathing Treatments Backed by Strongest Evidence Among Options to Treat Sleep Apnea

Among the treatments for obstructive sleep apnea, the effectiveness of a nighttime-breathing machine called a "CPAP" was backed by the strongest evidence, and a mou continue reading »

Health Tip: Is Your Child Being Cyberbullied?

Here are possible warning signs. Cyberbullying involves harassing, threatening or embarrassing young people through the use of technology, such as computers (especially Facebook) or cell phones continue reading »

Discovery Familia Premieres New Co-Production of Artzooka! Just in Time for Back to School

The Network will also Air a Series of Informative Shorts Conducted by Early Childhood Expert Jeannette Torres Alvarez with Useful Advice for U.S. Hispanic Moms. continue reading »

Smart Food Choices Key to a Healthy Barbecue

Lean meats, veggies, marinades good options for summer grilling, expert advises. Choosing healthy foods to barbecue -- and even barbecuing with marinades instead of high-fat sauces continue reading »

New Data Show Syphilis Threatens the Health of a New Generation of Gay and Bisexual Men

Black and Hispanic men who have sex with men bear the greatest syphilis burden. Tuesday, CDC researchers published the first national-level analysis that compares trends in primary and secondary (P&S) syphilis among men who have sex with men (MSM) by a continue reading »

THIS SATURDAY! All Children are Welcome to the 2nd Ward Back-to-School Health Fair

Ald. Bob Fioretti (2nd Ward) and the employees of Rush University Medical Center invite you and your children to the annual 2nd Ward Back to School Health Fair this Saturday, Aug. 6, 2011. continue reading »