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Tag Results for "Salud Hispanico"

Many Toddlers Wind Up in ER After Accidental Overdose

New program advises parents on how to store medicines safely. Each year in the United States, one of every 150 two-year-olds visits an emergency room for treatment of an accidental medication overdose, a new government report shows. continue reading »

Drug for Acute Respiratory Distress May Do More Harm Than Good: Study

Trial of salbutamol was discontinued after patients using it fared worse than those without it. study assessing intravenous infusion of the drug salbutamol in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome was halted because the treatment did not improve patient outcomes and was associated with an increased risk of death, researchers say. continue reading »

Stress Early in Pregnancy Linked to Fewer Baby Boys

Women in first trimester during major earthquake gave birth earlier and had more girls, study finds. A stressful early pregnancy could lower a woman's odds for delivering a boy and raise her risk for premature delivery, a new study suggests. continue reading »

Abuse May Alter Child’s Brain Activity

Exposure to violence has a measurable effect, researchers say. Children who are abused or exposed to family violence have changes in brain activity similar to those seen in combat veterans, a new study finds. continue reading »

Health Tip: Opt for a Healthy Weight-Loss Plan

Avoid fad diets. Fad diets may promise drastic and quick loss of weight, but may be dangerous and often fall short when it comes to long-term weight loss. continue reading »

Overweight Pregnancy Can Have Long-term Health Consequences for Children

New Research Shows Health Problems May Not be Obvious Until Childhood. Too much weight before and during pregnancy can have serious health consequences not only for the mother, but for her child's health for many years, new research shows. continue reading »

Health Tip: Is Your Relationship Healthy?

Possible warning signs of a bad relationship. A relationship doesn't have to be plagued by physical abuse to be unhealthy. Emotional abuse can take an enormous toll on your physical and emotional health. continue reading »

Vitamin D Levels Tied to Diabetes Risk in Obese Kids

Low levels were associated with more insulin resistance, study found. Low levels of vitamin D are much more common in obese children than in those who aren't obese and are associated with insulin resistance, a risk factor for type 2 diabetes, researchers have found. continue reading »

Most Doctors Don’t Tell Parents Kids Are Overweight

Or health care providers are speaking up, but message isn't sticking, study finds. Less than one-quarter of American parents with an overweight child remember ever being told by a health care professional that this was the case, a new study says. continue reading »

Teen ‘Sexting’ Might Be Less Common Than Feared

But emotional, legal fallout can still occur, studies find. Concerns over teenage "sexting" -- sending suggestive or explicit images by cellphone or online -- might be overblown, new research finds. continue reading »

Health Tip: Easy on the Holiday Buffets

Some simple suggestions to limit calories. Too many holiday party buffet tables loaded with decadent treats can lead to overstuffed plates -- and overstuffed pants. continue reading »

Health Tip: Watch Your Weight This Holiday Season

Suggestions to ward off weight gain. The holidays may represent excess, but you don't have to let that translate to excess weight. The Cleveland Clinic suggests how to ward off those holiday pounds: continue reading »

Life Expectancy of Brazilians Rises Three Years

Brazilians' life expectancy rose by three years in the past decade, increasing from 70.46 years in 2000 to 73.48 years in 2010, the government said Thursday. continue reading »

How to Stay Flu-Free for the Holidays

Regular handwashing, 'air kissing' are two of several suggestions. The overlap of the cold and flu season with the holiday season can make it a challenge to stay healthy as you go to parties and get t continue reading »

Lipitor Goes Generic, Saving Patients Money

Top-selling cholesterol-lowering drug will be available to more people. The nation's top-selling drug, Lipitor, goes generic on Wednesday, and that's good news for patients, experts say. continue reading »

Heart Attack Severity May Depend on Time of Day

In study, early morning hours were the worst time. The severity of a heart attack can be affected by the time of day it occurs, a new study suggests. continue reading »

Study Supports Mammograms For Women in Their 40s

It finds women with no family history as prone to develop breast cancer as higher-risk women. Women in their 40s with no family history of breast cancer are just as likely to develop invasive breast cancer as women whose mother or sister has had the disease, according to a new study. continue reading »

Racism’s Mental Toll May Explain Some Health Disparities

Psychological responses to racism among U.S. blacks similar to those associated with trauma, study finds. Racism is similar to trauma in how it affects the mental health of black adults in the United States, a new analysis finds. continue reading »

Surviving Holiday Parties When You Have Social Anxiety

Psychologist offers tips on making a good impression. Socializing is a major part of the holiday season, but many people find it difficult. If you suffer anxiety continue reading »

Health Tip: Make Healthy Choices at Fast-Food Restaurants

Here are some suggestions. Rolling through the drive-through doesn't mean your healthy diet has to take a nose-dive. The American Diabetes Association offers these suggestions for healthier fast-food choices: continue reading »