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Tag Results for "Salud Hispanico"

How Healthy Is Your County?

People living in the least healthy areas of U.S. twice as likely to die early, report says. Rates of premature death in counties across the United States are the lowest in 20 years, but pe continue reading »

CDC: 1 in 50 School-Aged Children in U.S. Has Autism

Significant increase in the prevalence of the condition over the past five years, researchers say. The number of children in the United States with autism spectrum disorder has jumped dramatically since 2007, federal health officials reported Wednesday. continue reading »

A Third of U.S. Seniors Die With Dementia, Study Finds

Report tallies enormous medical, financial and caregiver toll of conditions like Alzheimer's. There's more troubling news for America's aging population: continue reading »

Fewer Kids Getting Hurt in Most Sports, Study Finds

However, football and soccer injuries have risen over past decade. Football has been blamed for a growing number of injuries among young players in the past decade, continue reading »

Spanish Researchers Examine New Mechanism for Development of Cancer

A team of Spanish researchers has examined a new mechanism contributing to the development of various tumors, including chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The results, published in Nature Genetics, link cancer fo continue reading »

Only 1/3 of Parents Follow Doctors’ Orders for Kids All of the Time

One in 10 say they follow pediatricians' advice 'only occasionally;' most likely to ignore guidance on discipline, sleep, watching TV — U-M's National Poll on Children's Health continue reading »

Nip Springtime Allergies in the Bud

It's easier to prevent allergic symptoms than stop them, expert says. The spring allergy season is off to an early start and allergy sufferers need to take action to prevent symptoms, an expert says. continue reading »

Cancer Rates Vary Widely by State, Race: CDC Report

Latest data from 2009 cites 1.5 million new cases diagnosed; prostate and breast tumors most common. The latest U.S. cancer statistics find that 1.5 million new cases of invasive cancer were diagnosed among Americans continue reading »

Phones, Texting May Be as Dangerous as Alcohol for Drivers

Small study found distracted driving performance similar to being legally drunk. Hands-free phone conversations or texting while driving are as dangerous as getting behind the wheel after having too much to drink, a small new study finds. continue reading »

CDC: 1 in 50 Poor, Straight Urban Americans Infected With HIV

Drug abuse, prostitution tied to heightened risk, latest survey finds. About one in every 50 heterosexual Americans living in poorer urban neighborhoods is infected with HIV, th continue reading »

Homegrown Strain of Dengue Fever Virus Pinpointed in Florida

Some 2009-2010 cases originated in Key West mosquitoes, not from travelers, CDC says. Some people who fell prey to a 2009-2010 outbreak of dengue fever continue reading »

Study Finds Sports Help Fathers and Daughters Bond

Many shared activities can help cement relationship, researchers find. Fathers interested in creating a sense of closeness with their daughters should look for continue reading »

Many Teens Afraid to Intervene in Sexual Assault, Survey Finds

National effort launched to raise awareness, encourage involvement. More than half of all teens and young adults in the United States know a victim of dating violence or sexual assault, according to a new national survey. continue reading »

Gay Men Who Marry Now Living Longer, Study Says

Better HIV/AIDS treatment accounts for improved longevity, researchers note. The death rate among Danish men in same-sex partnerships has dropped significantly since the 1990s, continue reading »

Sweet Drinks Tied to Higher Calorie Consumption in Kids

And sugary beverages go hand-in-hand with fatty foods, like pizza and fries, study finds. Children who drink sugar-sweetened beverages consume more calories than other chi continue reading »

Millions Still Lack Access to Modern Contraception, Study Says

One-fifth of married women in eastern, central and western Africa are without reliable birth control, research shows. The number of women worldwide using modern contraceptive continue reading »

RUSSIA: Lawmakers Want to Ban Energy Drinks with Alcohol, Caffeine

Lawmakers from the governing United Russia and opposition Just Russia parties introduced a bill Monday in the lower house of Parliament that calls for a ban on the production and sale of energy drinks continue reading »

Health Benefits of Marriage Mostly Apply to Those Already Healthy

When sickness arrives, married aren't at lower death risk than unmarried people, study says. The health benefits of marriage seem to fade when you need them most, according to a large new study. continue reading »

Space Heater Safety Tips Can Help Prevent Burns, Fires

Experts give advice on where to place, how to use devices. Many Americans use space heaters to provide extra warmth during winter, but they can cause burns and fires if not used properly, an expert warns. continue reading »

Piling on Pounds When Younger May Lead to Enlarged Heart Later

Long-term study found the earlier the weight gain, the greater the increase in heart size, a disease risk factor. Carrying around excess body weight, particularly in early adulthood, can result in a dangerously enlarged heart later in life, a new study finds. continue reading »