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Tag Results for "Salud Hispanico"

More US Couples Living Together, Insead of Marrying

And more women getting pregnant while cohabiting. Many more American women are living with their partners rather than tying the knot, a new government survey finds. continue reading »

Survey: Doctors Aren’t Helping Lung Cancer Patients Quit Smoking

Many say they don't feel prepared to offer effective assistance. Although doctors treating people with lung cancer are aware of the importance of kicking the smoking habit, m continue reading »

Melanoma Rates Rising in U.S. Children

Deadly skin cancer still rare in kids, but long-term study found 2 percent yearly increase among whites. Melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer continue reading »

Mexico’s 1st Division Soccer Clubs Launch Campaign Against Obesity

Mexico's first division soccer clubs will be kicking orange-colored balls around the field starting next weekend as a reminder of the nation's fight against obesity. The Liga Mx soccer league, the federal health depart continue reading »

Self-Testing May be Key to Overcoming HIV/AIDS Epidemic

Worldwide research shows testing done in privacy of home reduces fear, stigma. Having people test themselves for HIV is effective and could help bring the worldwide HIV/AIDS epidemic under control, a new study contends. continue reading »

April in National Minority Health Month: HHS Secretary’s Releases Statement

A Time to Advance Health Equity - April is National Minority Health Month, a time when we reflect on the incredible opportunity we face as a nation to improve minority health continue reading »

Many Teens in US Maintain Poor Health Habits

Bad diet, lack of exercise raise odds for later heart disease, experts warn. More than 80 percent of U.S. teens eat unhealthy diets and many are sedentary, which raises the odds they continue reading »

A Look at the Health of Hispanic Adolescents in the U.S.

Our nation’s adolescents are becoming increasingly diverse, and this trend will continue in the decades to come. Today, more than one in five youth between the ages of 10 and 19 in the United States is Hispanic continue reading »

Can You Fall in Love With Someone Through Online Dating?

The Internet has changed the world in a number of ways; not only are people able to access unlimited resources of knowledge in a manner of seconds, but they are also able to connect wit continue reading »

Another Study Sees No Vaccine-Autism Link

Experts say finding should reassure parents of young children. Although some parents worry about the sheer number of vaccines babies typically receive, a new U.S. government s continue reading »

STUDY: Hispanics Living Longer on Dialysis Than Whites

Hispanics and blacks on dialysis live longer than whites, study found. Among kidney dialysis patients, Hispanics tend to live longer than blacks and whites, a new study finds. continue reading »

Study: Poor Americans in South Less Likely to Get Medical Care

Researchers found states in that region imposed strictest eligibility requirements for Medicaid. Poor people in the southern part of the United States are more likely to delay getting needed continue reading »

Same-Sex Parents May Face Harsher Criticism Than Others

Study examined onlookers' response to parenting behaviors. Bystanders judge same-sex parents more harshly than straight parents, according to a new study. continue reading »

Study: Too Much TV May Make Kids Antisocial

Spending hours in front of the tube at age 5 linked to bad behavior at age 7, researchers say. Five-year-olds who watch television for three or more hours a day are a bit more likely to fight, continue reading »

FDA Warns of the Dangers of Temporary Tattoos

Spring break is on the way, or maybe summer vacation. Time to pack your swim suit, hit the beach, and perhaps indulge in a little harmless fun. What about getting a temporary tattoo continue reading »

U.S. Agency Puts Poison Prevention in Spotlight

EPA urges adults to keep pesticides and disinfectants locked away from children. Parents and caregivers can help reduce the risk of accidental poisonings by storing pesticides continue reading »

Teen Moms More Likely to Have Been Neglected, Abused

Study found childbirth rate 5 times higher than national average. Girls who are sexually abused or neglected during adolescence are more likely to become teen moms, continue reading »

Sports Gamblers Wrongly Bet on Their Sense of Control: Study

Experience, knowledge of basketball won't help their 'March Madness' record, researcher says. Many sports gamblers consider their extensive betting experience continue reading »

Millions on Verge of Diabetes Don’t Know It: CDC

Only 11 percent of the 79 million Americans with prediabetes aware they have the condition. Only 11 percent of the estimated 79 million Americans who are at risk for diabetes know they are at risk, continue reading »

Child Health Experts Come Out in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage

Kids benefit from having stable home, two loving parents, regardless of sexual orientation, AAP says. Marriage for same-sex couples -- and the right for all parents, regardless of their sexual orientation continue reading »