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Tag Results for "Salsa Recipes"

Yucatan Chicken Puffy Tacos

You can use the puffy tortilla making recipes for any of your tacos but it works great with this Southwest BBQ chicken recipe that includes a red cabbage slaw. continue reading »

Citrus-Tequila Poached Chicken with Guacamole

Use your favorite blanco tequila to spice up your chicken and Mexican-ize it with jicama, cilantro and guacamole. continue reading »

Watermelon Pico de Gallo

Try this summer refreshing treat on your tacos. This pico de gallo has shrimp, watermelon and hot jalapeƱo to add spice. continue reading »

Braised-Pork Tacos

You will be using boneless pork butt to make your tacos spiced up with cayenne pepper, chile powder, smoked paprika and slices of jalapenos continue reading »

Strawberry Pico de Gallo - Salsa

Use some of those in-season California strawberry's to change up your salsa better known as your pico de gallo. Remember strawberries are one of the top 10 superfoods for a diabetes meal plan. continue reading »

Grown Your Own Salsa Ingridents

Here is the roadmap to growing your own salsa - pico de gallo ingridents including tomatoes, basil, cilantro and onions. continue reading »

Salsa Verde con Tomatillo Milpero

Want to spice up your Mexican tacos with something new try Salsa Verde made with fresh chilaca peppers, small tomatillos and cilantro. continue reading »